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E! Online asked people to create the perfect woman using celebrity body parts andCarrie Underwood was picked for her perfect hair.  

Chris Young Injured Hand Cutting Fruit.

Chris Young says he was not making dinner when he badly cut his left hand a few weeks ago; he did it cutting a piece of fruit. He hopefully will able to play guitar again in about six weeks.

Phil Vassar on Flight When actress Amy Adams Gave up First-Class Seat to Soldier

This weekend, Phil Vassar and his band were on the same flight from Detroit to LA as actress Amy Adams where she gave up her first-class seat to a soldier who was in coach. Someone besides her leaked that story to the press, Phil says, “I hope the publicity makes the act contagious.”

Garth Sends A Cryptic Message This weekend

Garth sent out a cryptic message this weekend, ‘the sevens will align.’ Maybe 7-7-14 is when he announces his big tour I said months ago would kick off in August at Boston’s Gillette Stadium.
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Have you ever wanted to own your own town?  Well know you can!  A small unincorporated town in South Dakota is on sale for just $400,000!  The whole town consists of a bar, workshop, three trailers, single house, and 6.16 acres of wide open prairie.  And you don't become Mayor, or town council or anything like that... you straight up own it.  Like Mr. Potter in it's a wonderful life (but hopefully less evil). 

Here is a picture of it's thriving downtown according to Google street view:

The town is called Swett, South Dakota and its current owner Lance Benson (who along with his wife make up the towns only official population)  is selling it so he can focus on his traveling concession business.  The main attraction of the town is the bar "Swett Tavern" which is the only watering hole for miles and miles around and apparently attracts a rough crowd.  One of the regulars once described it with "you need a Bowie knife to get in this place and a chainsaw to get out."   Which is the best description of a bar I've ever heard.   Although apparently according the the local news, Benson has cleaned the bars image up a bit since he has owned it.  The bar as it looks today is in the photo at the top of the page. 

But the best part is the lady who is actually in charge of selling the town has had her number posted all over the internet, her name is Stacie and I won't post it but you can see all her contact info at this local papers website.  Now that this story has gone viral I hope she puts her phone on silent for a while.  But who knows with all the Oil Boom money flowing in West Texas... maybe somebody does want to buy a town just for kicks and giggles. 
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Looks like this video was actually posted several years ago, but this dog gets "it".  I love the almost annoyed look on the pup's face when the music stops... and the head bob in rhythm is pretty cool too.

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Miranda Lambert reveals she's a better shot with a gun than her hubby, Blake. Her police officer dad taught her how to shoot when she was a little girl. Miranda says that Blake is better with a bow and arrow tho.
Luke Bryan Has a Secret Tattoo 
Luke Bryan has a secret tattoo hidden under his wedding band. It’s a ‘C’ for his wife Caroline.
Randy Houser’s Video Debuts Tomorrow 
The video for Randy Houser’s ‘Like A Cowboy’ premieres on CMT and tomorrow morning. It includes 50 head of cattle and was shot in Tucsonwhere many big screen westerns were like, Three Amigos and Tombstone.
Jon Pardi Has 7-Inch Scar Across Stomach
When newcomer Jon Pardi was 18 he was stabbed multiple times in Californiaafter getting in a fight. It happened in the country so his friend drove him to the hospital, they didn’t have an emergency room so they drove to another one where they then took him in an ambulance to a bigger hospital. I can’t believe he didn’t die! His attacker only spent a few months in jail and Jon now has a 7” scar across his stomach.
Carrie Underwood Signs Again With NFL 
Finally - Carrie Underwood has signed on again with Sunday Night Football. This is her second year in a row to perform their theme song, ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night.’
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Blake Shelton returns to the 7th season of The Voice September 22 with Adam Levine and new judges Gwen Stefani and Brad Paisley’s friend Pharrell.
Miranda Lambert on Botox + Plastic Surgery 
Miranda Lambert says people are starting to ask if she’ll ever get Botox or plastic surgery and she says, “depends on what I look like in 10 years.”
Brett Eldredge Treats a Girl Right
Brett Eldredge learned from his father how to treat a girl and he says, “it's never too much to open a door or pull out a chair, she deserves that. I think we need to make old-fashioned the new thing."
Dierks Bentley Hero Autographs on Guitar 
Dierks Bentley bought the Martin guitar he uses in concert years ago, because so many players he looks up to played one. He even has his hero's autographs on it like George Strait, Garth, The Hag and George Jones.
Tim and Faith Hob Knob With the Hanks
Finally - Tom Hank’s wife, actress Rita Wilson just played The Bluebird in Nashville. She wrote tunes for Sleepless in Seattle and My Big Fat Greek Wedding and she’s good buddies with Tim and Faith and has now decided to try writing country music saying, “it's never too late.”
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Blake Shelton is Sculpted in Sand
Blake Shelton’s just been sculpted in sand for the Sand Sculpting World Cup in Atlantic City. He’ll also play a free concert there on the beach July 31.
Carrie + Miranda's Video Out Today
The video for Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert’s single, ‘Somethin’ Bad’ debuts today.
Luke Bryan is Beach Magazine Cover Boy 
Luke Bryan’s on the cover of Beaches, Resorts & Parks magazine. He says the Florida panhandle is somewhere he and his family go a lot and the Acme Ice House is one of their favorite places. I also hear Luke’s thinking about having a home away from home there as well.
Miranda Lambert’s Tattoo Revealed 
The tattoo on the inside of Miranda Lambert’s left arm is two Colt .45s and wings that she got at age 22. It was the first thing she ever did without asking her parents permission and says, "I didn't want their answer."
The Swon Brothers Write With Lady A
The Swon Brothers had never written with anyone else before this year when they wrote with Lady A’s Charles and Dave. They’re looking forward to doing more of that down the road.
Little Big Town’s Video Debuts Today
Finally - the video for Little Big Town’s ‘Day Drinking’ was shot in Miami, Florida and it just debuted at The album the songs from, ‘Pain Killer’ is out sometime this fall.
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You remember that video that went crazy viral a month or two ago about strangers having their first kiss on camera? If you don't it's right here:


Then Jimmy Fallon of course remade it with puppies and kittens because of course he did:

But now the internet has taken the parody video to it's logical conclusion with strangers slapping each other for the first time on camera.  Not only is the video awkward and hilarious but it definitely has a whole Fight Club feel to it as the strangers get really into it.  But the best part, is that for no explained reason whatsoever, one of the strangers is Haley "I See Dead People" Osment... why? who knows.  Enjoy it and celebrate your secret violent fantasies. 

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Dierks Bentley Even 'Sweats Cute'
Dierks Bentley was just seen working out near Nashville’s Belmont University at Iron Tribe Fitness. He was doing outdoor cardio and weights; hoisting a big kettle bell. One person said, “Dierks even sweats cute!”
Keith Urban Back on Idol Next Season
It’s official; all 3 judges are back on Idol next season, Keith Urban, J Low and Harry Connick Jr.
Jake Owen Tours With His Toys
On Jake Owen's tour, he’s brought his classic Jeep with the wood sides and two gifts from NASCAR buddy, Kevin Harvick; his tricked-out golf carts, but Kevin’s also the reason he lost part of his finger.

Tim McGraw’s on Men's Health Double Issue
Tim McGraw’s on the cover of the July/Aug double issue of Men’s Health magazine, out today.
Lady A’s Pre Show Ritual; Ping Pong
Lady A’s backstage setup includes a custom ping-pong table that’s part of their pre-show ritual. Charles and Dave’s doubles team is called, ‘The Dynasty.’
Keith's Day Starts With Mr. Microphone
Keith Urban says his mornings always start with Mr. Microphone; he sings; his daughter Sunny plays bongos and Fifi strums her little pink guitar.
Luke Bryan Has Secret Kitchen Talent 
Finally - Luke Bryan says his secret kitchen talent - he’s great at frying fish.
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Luke Bryan Breaks Heinz Field Record 
Luke Bryan headlined his first ever stadium show at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field Saturday and made history by breaking a venue record for tickets sold with over 50,000. The bad news; there were 37 non-traffic citations given, 7-plus arrests, 15 fights broken up, 154 calls to 911 and 34 people were taken to the hospital.
Randy Houser Cried Like a Girl
This weekend after a show in Indiana, Brad Paisley treated his tour mates to a private showing of Godzilla. Afterwards Brad tweeted, ‘Randy Houser cried like a girl and had to be taken out of the theater sobbing.’
Sarah Darling Wows Audience on Rising Star  
I watched the new singing show Rising Star last night where Brad Paisley’s a judge. I think there was too much talk and playing sappy contestant stories before they sang influenced voting. Country newcomer Sarah Darling was a contestant and amazing, she went thru to the next round.

Miranda Lambert’s Last Cover Girl for Mag
Tomorrow Miranda Lambert’s the last monthly cover girl for Ladies’ Home Journal as after 131 years their magazine will be no more but they’ll still release special issues every quarter.
Randy Travis Still Can't Speak
Finally - I hear Randy Travis isn't as ready to start singing again as we’d heard. Since his stroke he still can’t talk and his therapist says it may be years before he can perform again. It's also still unclear if Randy’s even lucid enough to follow a conversation.
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Kenny Chesney’s New Tune is Here
Kenny Chesney’s new single, ‘American Kids’ is out today with the album due in September.
Brad Paisley’s Rising Star Debuts Sunday
Sunday night the new singing competition, Rising Star debuts on ABC. Brad Paisley’s a judge so are pop stars Ludacris and Kesha. Contestants get voted on in real time and they must get a certain number of votes as they sing in order to advance.
Dierks Bentley Records TV Theme Song
Dierks Bentley recorded the theme song for a new History channel series that premieres July 1. Biker Battleground Phoenix.
Kacey Musgraves Interesting Birthmark 
Kacey Musgraves has a birthmark shaped like the state of Tennessee on her thigh and a freckle right by where Nashville is.
Tim McGraw Tells Paparazzi to Stay Away
Tim McGraw wants restrictions against publishing photos of celebrity kids and says “the paparazzi need to give distance and while I don’t mind fans taking pictures of me, leave my family out of it.”
Johnny Depp Guests in Willie's Band 
Finally - this week in Boston, Willie Nelson introduced his band on stage and said 'that's Johnny on guitar,’ never mentioning it was really actor Johnny Depp who’s a great guitar player.
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