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Luke Bryan is People Country's Sexiest Man in their issue out today. He’s also the grand marshal for NASCAR’s FedEx 400 at Dover International Speedway Sunday afternoon on FOX.
Kenny Chesney Tweets "Secret" Date 
Yesterday Kenny Chesney tweeted the date, September 30, 2014. Maybe it’s when we get new music from him but we don’t know for sure as he says the date is his “little secret.”
Carrie Underwood Honors Linda Ronstadt
Carrie Underwood's performance at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony for Linda Ronstadt airs Saturday night on HBO.
Alan Jackson on Movie Soundtrack Today
Alan Jackson sings the title track for the big screen comedy opening today, ‘A Million Ways to Die in the West’ with Seth MacFarlane, Charlize Theron and Liam Neeson.
Kenny Chesney Makes Top Live Act List 
Billboard’s list of the Top Live Acts of the past quarter century is out and one country star made the Top 10 - Kenny Chesney was #9 even tho he took 2010 and 2014 off the road – Kenny had nearly 13 million tickets sold for $753 million dollars. George Strait was #19 & Toby Keith #22.
Zac Brown’s Summer Grilling Tips
Finally - Zac Brown’s grilling tips are never marinate steak cause salt pulls moisture out of the meat; use a dry rub instead. He also uses a bag of charcoal to make sure the fire gets really hot.
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Recently some tourists were standing on "The Ledge" at Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) in Chicago... when the whole thing cracked!!!  Here is the Garibay family from California with a snapshot just before the"incident" and the cracked glass right after! 

How about a big ol' glass of nope.   To put those cracks in perspective, that box is an all glass construction on the 103rd floor of Willis tower.  1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago.  That is almost 400 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower and 100 feet taller than the roof of the Empire State building.  Officially the glass didn't crack, just the protective coating on top did but still, when the thing you are standing on while looking the length of 13 plus basketball courts straight down cracks... you panic a little (or an extreme amount, whatever... I won't judge).  According to the the Willis Tower website the ledge was built in 2009 and was built out of " 1,500 pound glass panels. Each box is comprised of three layers of half-inch thick glass laminated into one seamless unit. The low-iron, clear glass is fully tempered for durability."  Funnily enough, the inspiration for the ledge came from them always having to clean forehead prints off the glass as almost everybody tried to reenact that one scene from Ferris Bueller


Wonder how Ferris would have reacted had that glass cracked when he was leaning on it?
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With the summer break from school fast approaching, there are some things that we, as parents, need to remember. This Mom's blog has some incredible points.


  • I’m unplugging alarms: My kids are tired. I’m tired. It’s been a long school year and we need rest (thankfully, none of my kids want to sleep all day). But it usually takes a good week to catch up and find our stride and we all can’t wait for this one.
  • I’m creating a list of chores: I’m particularly excited about this one. We usually clean house, do laundry on the weekends, with work and school occupying so much of our weekday time. For summer, my kids will have a couple of daily chores starting at the beginning of the week to complete and then keep up with their laundry and rooms. I’m a firm believer in B (fun) doesn’t happen until A (work) is accomplished as a general rule. It’s a great motivator for kids.
  • I’m sending one kid at a time away for a week. I’m signing my kids up for church camps at different times throughout the summer. Having one kid away changes the entire dynamic and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with kids at home.
  • I’m adding service projects to our calendar: Every other Friday, my kids will be going with me to help with the refugees I work with an hour from our house. I’m looking forward to serving withe them and I know this regular dose of perspective will help keep our summer balanced.
  • I’m buying a local family pool pass. Because Texas heat.
  • I’m zip-locking the heck out of my pantry and fridge. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve cut and chopped and sorted healthy snack choices in an attempt to feed my family better. They love it and so do I. I think having snack-sized portions sorted out will keep us eating healthy during the summer.
  • I’m researching summer reading lists-We are big readers, so it’s time pay off old library fines and get reacquainted with the library.
  • I’m allowing screen time on equal parts reading time. We’ve done this the last several summers: if you read an hour, you can watch TV or have screen time for an hour. I’m more lax on screen time in the summer (school year I’m mommy dearest), but I still like to keep it balanced. Usually my kids will get into a great book and won’t be able to use all their screen time. And it doesn’t roll over.
  • I’m changing the wifi and Netflix passwords  See #2
  • I’m putting one child in charge of dinner one night every week, including making a shopping list and menu. I’m looking forward to trying this. I have a rotating helper in the kitchen every night, but I want them to not only learn the “how to’s” in the kitchen, but I think it will help with appreciating how much work goes into a family meal.
  • I’m having my kids write a summer bucket list (so that when they cry boredom, they can create some fun).
  • I’m getting up before my kids do to work 6:30-9am because it’s quiet and peaceful.
Now, working mom's face a whole other mess of issues... but I hope this list helps you!
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When Brad Paisley went to Afghanistan Sunday with the President, his dad Doug told me he had to keep it a secret for an entire week. Only Brad, Kimberly, Doug and the band mate he brought knew; his own mother didn’t even know until after they’d left US air space. Brad flew from a gig in Iowa to D.C. where he got on Air Force One and the flight was so long, they served him seven meals. Doug joked and said, "Brad went to Afghanistan and all he got was a lousy Air Force 1 Tee Shirt.” He said Brad stole ash trays on board but I’m pretty sure he was kidding.
Luke Bryan is People Country's Sexiest
Luke Bryan is People Country's Sexiest Man in the issue out Friday. He said Blake Shelton’s bushy eyebrows cost him the #1 spot.
Jason Aldean Has New Music on the Way
Jason Aldean’s working on a new album and it’ll hopefully be out in September with a new single by the end of June.
Florida Georgia Line Perform for Miss USA
Florida Georgia Line with Nelly will perform during the Miss USA competition, live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana June 8 on NBC.
Rascal Flatts Sing on Today Show Tomorrow 
Tomorrow Rascal Flatts perform on The Today Show.
Rick Springfield Writes With Jay DeMarcus
Finally – 80’s hit maker, ‘Jessie's Girl,’ Rick Springfield has written a few songs with Rascal Flatts Jay DeMarcus and says he hopes to get to Nashville soon to do even more writing.
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Last weekend, Dierks Bentley played in the Patriot Cup charity golf tournament in Owasso, OK. It supports the families of fallen and disabled service members. He got paired with Kid Rock who he’d never met before but Dierks said they ended up laughing a lot.
Miranda Lambert's Shoes Look Like Her Now 
Miranda Lambert started her own shoe line last year because she could never find a comfortable cowboy boot with a high heel. Her collection also includes flip-flops & sandals and the longer she works with the designer, Miranda says the more the shoes are starting to look like her.
Florida Georgia Line on Noah and His Ark
Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler said if he were Noah and had an ark the animal he wouldn’t take would be monkeys because they’re too messy. Band mate Brian said he’d leave spiders and snakes off the ark.
Miranda Lambert Loves Her New Toned Arms
Miranda Lambert thinks her best body part since she lost weight is her arms. She says, “I always struggled with having big arms, so having them smaller and more toned is definitely a plus."
Brad Paisley Has Squirrel in Latest Video
Finally - Brad Paisley's new video for ‪’River Bank’ includes Twiggy, the water skiing squirrel.
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Sir Elsey

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Like everybody else I was ecstatic about the rain we got over the weekend, and because I'm a big ol' nerd I wanted to find out exactly how much it did rain.  Luckily the National Weather Service post daily "Hydrometeorological Reports" online.  You can see the reports for West Texas here.  They are separated by 24 hour periods and have lots of different locations.  I used Midland International Airport as the basis and added up the total amount of rain it received from Friday to Monday and... drumroll please.... the airport received 2.13 inches of rain this weekend.  Lots of places further south got way more than that.  One of the main reservoirs for West Texas, the O.H. Ivie Reservoir, rose over 8 feet* due to the rain, but to put that in perspective O.H. Ivie was only about 10 percent full before the rain to just over 17 percent full after.  More info on reservoir levels here. So the rain we got may have just been a few drops in the bucket but I'll take some drops over no drops anyday. 

*Update: since i've posted this they have upped the total to 9.5 feet... look there is even a chart!
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Not sure if we’re ready for LeAnn Rimes and her husband’s new reality show ‘LeAnn & Eddie,’ but it debuts on VH1 July 17. She says, ‘our life is quiet, tame and normal and we’re really excited to give a glimpse into who we really are or better yet who we’re not.”
Miranda Lambert Wins Horse Show 
This weekend in Oklahoma, Miranda Lambert competed in her first horse show and she won a few ribbons on her Welsh pony’s Saith and Ellie.
Brian Kelley's Sis Gave Him Love for Country 
Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley learned to love country music by riding in the car with his big sister who listened to GarthAlabama and Brooks & Dunn. I also found out Brian’s pretty smart; he graduated from high school with honors.
Jerrod Niemann Seen Out to Eat 
Jerrod Niemann was seen eating this weekend at Nashville’s Southern Steak & Oyster. They’re known for their burgers with jalapeno, bacon, pimento cheese and crispy fried onions all served with sweet potato grits.
Brad Paisley on Twitter and Buck Owens 
Finally - Brad Paisley says Twitter’s so cool ‘cause fans write him and he instantly sees it. Brad adds, “when I was a kid, I would’ve given anything to be retweeted by Buck Owens.”
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Jason Aldean and Tyler Farr kick off the Indianapolis 500 with an infield concert Saturday, the day before the big race tomorrow. LeAnn Rimes sings the national anthem before the race Sunday.
Reba Will Watch Son Race Saturday 
Reba’s son Shelby Blackstock will race for the Andretti team in the Pro Mazda Championship inIndianapolis tomorrow. He’s ranked at #5 so far in 2014 and Reba and her husband see him race whenever they can.
Brantley Gilbert is on #22 at Indy 500 Sunday
Brantley Gilbert has a pre-race show at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Sunday before the Coca Cola 600. Before that, Brantley’s at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with up and coming driver Sage Karam. His #22 car has Brantley’s picture on it.
Darius Rucker Performs With Darryl Hall
Saturday, Darius Rucker will perform on VH1’s, Live from Daryl's House with Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates. Darius says, "he’s one of those singers that made me want to sing one day.”
Florida Georgia Line Start Clothing Company
Florida Georgia Line are starting a clothing line based on a saying they use a lot, ‘Can't Afford Not To.’
Joe Nichols on Queen Latifa Show Today  
Joe Nichols performs on The Queen Latifah Show today.
Rascal Flatts Sing for Jimmy Fallon Tonight
Finally - tonight Rascal Flatts are on The Tonight Show.
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Brian from Florida Georgia Line and his wife just added another dog to their growing family. A month ago they got a German shepherd puppy, Smoke and now they have his sister, Sage. Counting Tyler’s Golden retriever pup, they’re gonna have to get two tour buses!
Rascal Flatts on Motley Crue Tribute LP
Country album, ‘Nashville Outlaws: A Tribute To Mötley Crüe’ is out July 8 with 15 of the band’s biggest hits covered by Justin MooreDarius RuckerFlorida Georgia LineRascal Flattsand more.
Miranda Lambert Shares Diet Tips
Miranda Lambert’s in Women's Health magazine talking about how she eats now. She juices, she drinks extra water to stop herself from eating after she's full and her occasional splurge is a low-fat chocolate shake.
Tim + Sarah + Lady A Perform Tomorrow AM
Tomorrow Tim McGraw’s on the TODAY show, Sara Evans performs on Fox & Friends thenLady A sing on Good Morning America.
FGL on CMT's Inside Fame This Evening
Finally – tonight, Florida Georgia Line's rise to stardom is captured in a new episode of CMT's series, Inside Fame.
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