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Recently some tourists were standing on "The Ledge" at Willis Tower (formerly known as Sears Tower) in Chicago... when the whole thing cracked!!!  Here is the Garibay family from California with a snapshot just before the"incident" and the cracked glass right after! 

How about a big ol' glass of nope.   To put those cracks in perspective, that box is an all glass construction on the 103rd floor of Willis tower.  1,353 feet above the streets of Chicago.  That is almost 400 feet taller than the Eiffel Tower and 100 feet taller than the roof of the Empire State building.  Officially the glass didn't crack, just the protective coating on top did but still, when the thing you are standing on while looking the length of 13 plus basketball courts straight down cracks... you panic a little (or an extreme amount, whatever... I won't judge).  According to the the Willis Tower website the ledge was built in 2009 and was built out of " 1,500 pound glass panels. Each box is comprised of three layers of half-inch thick glass laminated into one seamless unit. The low-iron, clear glass is fully tempered for durability."  Funnily enough, the inspiration for the ledge came from them always having to clean forehead prints off the glass as almost everybody tried to reenact that one scene from Ferris Bueller


Wonder how Ferris would have reacted had that glass cracked when he was leaning on it?
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With the summer break from school fast approaching, there are some things that we, as parents, need to remember. This Mom's blog has some incredible points.


  • I’m unplugging alarms: My kids are tired. I’m tired. It’s been a long school year and we need rest (thankfully, none of my kids want to sleep all day). But it usually takes a good week to catch up and find our stride and we all can’t wait for this one.
  • I’m creating a list of chores: I’m particularly excited about this one. We usually clean house, do laundry on the weekends, with work and school occupying so much of our weekday time. For summer, my kids will have a couple of daily chores starting at the beginning of the week to complete and then keep up with their laundry and rooms. I’m a firm believer in B (fun) doesn’t happen until A (work) is accomplished as a general rule. It’s a great motivator for kids.
  • I’m sending one kid at a time away for a week. I’m signing my kids up for church camps at different times throughout the summer. Having one kid away changes the entire dynamic and it’s a great opportunity to spend time with kids at home.
  • I’m adding service projects to our calendar: Every other Friday, my kids will be going with me to help with the refugees I work with an hour from our house. I’m looking forward to serving withe them and I know this regular dose of perspective will help keep our summer balanced.
  • I’m buying a local family pool pass. Because Texas heat.
  • I’m zip-locking the heck out of my pantry and fridge. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve cut and chopped and sorted healthy snack choices in an attempt to feed my family better. They love it and so do I. I think having snack-sized portions sorted out will keep us eating healthy during the summer.
  • I’m researching summer reading lists-We are big readers, so it’s time pay off old library fines and get reacquainted with the library.
  • I’m allowing screen time on equal parts reading time. We’ve done this the last several summers: if you read an hour, you can watch TV or have screen time for an hour. I’m more lax on screen time in the summer (school year I’m mommy dearest), but I still like to keep it balanced. Usually my kids will get into a great book and won’t be able to use all their screen time. And it doesn’t roll over.
  • I’m changing the wifi and Netflix passwords  See #2
  • I’m putting one child in charge of dinner one night every week, including making a shopping list and menu. I’m looking forward to trying this. I have a rotating helper in the kitchen every night, but I want them to not only learn the “how to’s” in the kitchen, but I think it will help with appreciating how much work goes into a family meal.
  • I’m having my kids write a summer bucket list (so that when they cry boredom, they can create some fun).
  • I’m getting up before my kids do to work 6:30-9am because it’s quiet and peaceful.
Now, working mom's face a whole other mess of issues... but I hope this list helps you!
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Sir Elsey

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Like everybody else I was ecstatic about the rain we got over the weekend, and because I'm a big ol' nerd I wanted to find out exactly how much it did rain.  Luckily the National Weather Service post daily "Hydrometeorological Reports" online.  You can see the reports for West Texas here.  They are separated by 24 hour periods and have lots of different locations.  I used Midland International Airport as the basis and added up the total amount of rain it received from Friday to Monday and... drumroll please.... the airport received 2.13 inches of rain this weekend.  Lots of places further south got way more than that.  One of the main reservoirs for West Texas, the O.H. Ivie Reservoir, rose over 8 feet* due to the rain, but to put that in perspective O.H. Ivie was only about 10 percent full before the rain to just over 17 percent full after.  More info on reservoir levels here. So the rain we got may have just been a few drops in the bucket but I'll take some drops over no drops anyday. 

*Update: since i've posted this they have upped the total to 9.5 feet... look there is even a chart!
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As you can tell from the picture, the nest is ready now where is our baby bird?  Our daughter in law, Sara, is now about a week past her due date and is going a little nuts.  This week she has learned how to knit from YouTube. 
Her (translate to “our”) wait may be over!  The latest news is that she is going to deliver on Saturday.  Her appointment today will tell us if they will induce on Saturday or just jump to a C section.  You see, according to the sonograms, our granddaughter is already over 9 pounds!  OUCH!
So Mike and I are heading to Fort Worth for the birth of our first grandchild.  Don’t worry…there WILL be pictures!!
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This might not be breaking news but I tend to talk alot.  So scratchy and sore throats tend to be common in this line of work.  We all have our methods to deal with it.  Mike and Dana swear by a particular throat spray.  Kelley likes hot tea and this powdered drink mix thing (this reminds me I need to ask Dre what she does).  I however, love ricola cough drops.  I keep a bag on my desk and another bag in my car.  Maybe because of their ingredients or maybe the wax paper they are wrapped in but I've never had them melt in even the hottest Texas sun (and my car interior and exterior are completely black!).  But today our receptionist Tammi had a scratchy throat (I'm not saying it was because of Texas Thunder Fest but come on, it was definitely because of Texas Thunder Fest).  So I said she needed a "RICOOLAAAAAAAAAAAAA" and she had no idea what I was talking about!!!  She had never heard that jingle, so I immediately corrected that by having her watch a bunch of old commercials on youtube... because that is how you have a productive work day.

Anyways some of those commercials were insane and weird... also vaguely European, so I just had to share them.  Warning: You may want a cough drop after this.

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I was singing along with Kenny Chesney's "Summertime" and started thinking about all the fun that summer brings.  If you have kids, it's easy to run out of things to do.  Here are some really fun ideas and the bonus is that they are cheap! Visit  COOL SUMMER IDEAS UNDER $10 for 33 great ideas & most are under $10!
I really want to do #16 & #17!
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It is amazing what you can learn to live with…and without!  STILL in the middle of renovating our house to put it on the market, we are living in a bedroom.  Granted, it is a big bedroom but it is still one room in a house that is almost 4000 square feet!  The rest of the house is covered in dust, tools, a few sticks of furniture, and did I mention dust?
My family makes fun of the fact that I am a compulsive housekeeper.  Everything has its place and everything needs to be clean and beautiful.  So imagine my stress level about now!  Every now and then, during this long process, I have picked up a broom and tried to tidy up.  A really pointless waste of time. 
However, the up side is that I have learned to live without so much STUFF!  I really like living a pared down existence.  I even like living in a much smaller space.  People keep asking if I am going to miss living in this big house that will be so much more gorgeous when we put it on the market than it ever was while we lived in it!  I have to say, no.  Mike and I agree that the big house stage of our lives is over.  We are empty nesters and it is time to live smaller.  At least, too small for the kids to move back in!
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Willie Nelson

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