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Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend In Midland Odessa

There's always something to look forward to on the weekend in West Texas! Here are your top 5 things to do this weekend in Midland Odessa:
  1. The 2015 Autism SHARE Walk is happening Saturday at Grande Stadium at 9:00am! Such a cool event supporting children with all special needs and their families! There’s going be, bounce houses, dancing, resource fair, rolling video games, therapy horses, and much more! - See more at
  1. Saturday From 10am to 5pm, celebrate International Astronomy at the Blakemore Planetarium with solar observing, rocket-launching, art activities and a spacecraft building contest. Between 3-4pm, meet Captain Alan Bean, fourth man to set foot on the moon. Activities during the day are included with Museum admission ($5 adults, $3 children).
  1. Tall City Roller Derby presents the Bombshell Betties ON SATURDAY! Come watch the ladies play against Plainview's Down and Derby team! FOOD! BEER! ROLLER DERBY! Fun for the whole family! – That’s going down at the CAF hanger
  1. Saturday 4-7pm Crohn's-Colitius foundation of America is hosting a walk helping to raise money for crucial research! That’s going down at 3600 N. Garfield St.
  1. And all weekend long you can attend the Complete History of America in Odessa at the Permian Playhouse! For more info you can contact 432 550 5456
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One of the perks of this job is that we ocassionally get early copies of cd's.  Most recently, I got "Hold My Beer Volume 1" Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen.  The whole cd is really good, but there is one song on it that is so infectious that I can't stop listening to it.  Here's the guys doing "Lady Bug" live for a cd release party at Superfly's Lone Star Music Emporium in San Marcos, Texas.

If you have a little girl, I predict that she will LOVE this song :)

Here's the links to get it for yourself:
CD/ Vinyl:
or in stores  Hastings Entertainment,Walmart, Best Buy, FYE, and most indie record stores
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If you are on the Internet, and unless somebody has printed this page out, left it at a bus stop, and you are now reading it, then you are on the Internet... If you are on the Internet you know the past few weeks have seen one amazing movie trailer after another.  Whether or not any of these movies are actually going to be good remains to be seen but one thing is clear:  2015 is the year of the movie trailer.  It's now gotten to the point where we have teaser trailers that don't tease the movie... but the trailer of the movie... WE HAVE TRAILERS FOR TRAILERS! Thanks Obama.  

Anyways, since I've seen all of these trailers multiple times I figured I'd post them all in one place to make it easier for us to watch obsessively over and over again... because that's what they were designed for.

This trailer is great because it gives nothing away about the movie, which is what we all want.  It references the original Star Wars movies, gives us cool things to look at... and absolutely nothing about the plot.  Plus I had to read an interview with the film makers to know that the desert planet shown isn't Tattooine from the other movies... it's some new planet called Jakku!

The final trailer for AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON
This movie is coming out the quickest, May 1st.  So this trailer has actual scenes... and really focuses on the baddie Ultron and his motivations.  I'm super psyched.  Also geeky fun fact.  The people helping Ultron are technically Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch... and they belong in the X-Men Universe... the rights of which are owned by another movie studio.  But since Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch have appeared in Avengers comics before they can also show up in the Avengers movie as long as they don't call them "mutants" like an X-Men (Several more extremely geeky fun facts.  Humans who have developed super powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are called InHumans instead of Mutants... but in the X-Men Universe Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are brother and sister mutants and their dad is Magneto!)


A super intelligent serial killer dinosaur? That they hunt with trained velociraptors and military helicopters? It's like they took the dreams out of my 8 year old brain and made a movie out of it.

This is the movie I've wanted to see since I've known movies existed.  There is no greater match-up then Batman and Superman.  This could end up being the most disappointing thing in my entire life... and I will still go see it a hundred times.  The movie is still over a year away so I am still looking forward to the other super heroes that have been mentioned to appear in Dawn of Justice including Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and my favorite hero of all time... The Flash. 

Sorry Fast & Furious... but you still aren't the best movie franchise of all time.  James Bond aka 007 wins that hands down. 
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I'm not ashamed of the fact that I like to eat... but I can't, for the life of me, understand "competitive eating."  Nothing about eating 3 72 ounce steaks plus the fixin's sounds good to me!  According to Texas Monthly's article, that's about 13.5 pounds of steak alone!??!?!  Over the weekend, a 120lb gal not only took the Big Texan challenge in Amarillo, she finished those 3 steaks & extras in 20 minutes.  More power to her, I'd rather savor my meal though.
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What an incredible show last night! They truly made the 50th anniversary of the ACM's worth the watch. I had so many favorite moments. Below is the complete list of winners! 
Entertainer of the Year:  Luke Bryan
Top Male Vocalist:  Jason Aldean
Top Female Vocalist:  Miranda Lambert
Top Vocal Group:  Little Big Town
Top Vocal Duo:  Florida Georgia Line
Top New Artist:  Cole Swindell
Album of the Year:  "Platinum"Miranda Lambert
Song of the Year:  "Automatic"Miranda Lambert
Single Record of the Year:  "I Don't Dance"Lee Brice
Video of the Year:  "Drunk On A Plane"Dierks Bentley
Vocal Event of the Year:  "This Is How We Roll"Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan
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Top 5 Things To Do This Weekend In Midland Odessa

If you're looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend, you won't have to look very far! 
  1. Tomorrow from 11am-1pm The Sibley Nature center is having this really cool event that is perfect for the whole family. It’s called explore the outdoors and there’s going to be crafts, a nature walk, PLUS Double Daves pizza! ANNNNND IT’S FREE! That’s at the Wildlife Preserve off i-20 tomorrow!
  2. Tomorrow The West Texas Iris Society will host its 37th annual Irish Show at the Midland Park Mall outside of Penney’s. Once again, everything is free. You can enter to win ribbons, and iris coupons, and there's going to be edicational exhibits call 432-352-5483 for more info!
  3. Tonight you can check out Fashion of the 1920s and the Garden Party at 6:30pm at the Noel Art Museum in Odessa. There’s going to be live music and tickets are free! Call 432-550-9696 for more information.
  4. This is fun! The Bellydance Fire fest is happening all weekend long there’s going to be experienced instructors and you can learn everything there is to know about bellydancing! See for more info
  5. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST! The ACM awards happen Sunday on CBS at 7pm! Let’s see if we can spot our hometown girl Sunney Johnson on TV! She of course is our big Cash Trips and Stars winner and I’m praying that we can get a little glimpse of her in the crowd! Plus it’s going to be a HUGE show! Have a great weekend! :)
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Annie Oakley

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Brittany Kerr Posts Jason Aldean Wedding Pics!

Your favorite country music stars (and in this case their significan others) have been having some fun on Instagram lately!

BRETT ELDREDGE needed help getting the wrinkles out of his T-shirt, so he had someone spray wrinkle remover-type stuff on it . . . and then he danced.  He posted a video on Instagram and wrote, "This is what I like to call the 'de-wrinkle spray dance'."

And BRITTANY KERR posted a video slide show of pictures from her and JASON ALDEAN'S wedding in Mexico last month.

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Before we get any further... it would really help out if you just play this song softly in the background. 

Okay... drumroll... the following are some of my favorite (that song choice is making more sense now isn't it?) phrases we still use today... and they are my favorite entirely because they don't make a lick of sense in today's crazy modern world.

"Hang up the phone" - Let me ask you something, when was the last time you actually hung a phone?  Was it in the past decade?  The only phone I've seen in my lifetime that actually hangs is a pay phone.  Phones have buttons now but saying "Press the button that isn't really a button but a sensor that can somehow detect my touch through solid glass like a dark wizard so that my call disconnects" doesn't have the same ring to it.

"Hold your horses" I have at most, held just one horse at any given time. 

"Under the weather" Technically even if is bright and sunny out that is still weather.... all of us are always under weather all the time. 

"Dime a dozen"  What can you get for a dime these days?  LET ALONE A DOZEN OF A THING (For those of you just tuning in a dozen means 12... which is slightly more than 11 and slightly less than 13, also "tuning in" is a pretty outdated phrase but radios do tune to the correct frequency and of course you know the correct frequency is always 99.1)

"The Sky's the Limit" - The sky is not the limit.  We have robots on comets and 5 human beings currently orbiting the earth in a SPACE STATION that is directly past that whole "sky limit" thing.  (Here is another fun tangent... the most recent supply run to the International Space Station included a custom built Italian Espresso Machine that will, and I quote, "revolutionize coffee-drinking in space")

Any other fun yet ridiculous phrases I missed?
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3 Tips To Trick Your Kids Into Eating Healthy

1. Blend greens into fruit smoothies try blending raw baby spinach, a banana, blueberries, nonfat vanilla yogurt and pineapple or orange juice into their smoothies. Blueberries are an excellent source of antioxidants, will produce a purple color while making the taste of spinach completely undetectable ;)

2. Mix healthy cereals with sugary cereals! Cold cereal is probably the easiest breakfast in the whole world...but it can be difficult to choose while shopping for kids...because you know, Fruity Pebbles.  No parent likes watching their kid eat a bowl of neon, sugar puffs and then beng forced to deal with the wrath of the sugar high after. But ever think of this?... There's no law against mixing them! Sugary cereals, in small amounts, aren't terrible for kids, and using them as a tool to sneak in whole-grain cereals makes everyone happier in the long-run.

3. Puree! One of the best methods of sneaking vitamins and minerals into kids' meals is through pureed veggies.  Marinara sauce, is a perfect camouflage for blended zucchini and carrots. Yogurt and white beans can be mixed into into tuna and chicken salad sandwiches to cut fat and increase protein content. Vegetable purees are easy to make and then freeze for later. Just defrost and stir them in when you need them. While sneaking vegetables into kids' favorite foods is a great way to keep them well-fed, the results can be disastrous if you're caught. So, be careful out there!!!
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