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I'm a firm believer that "things happen for a reason." I really needed to read this today.  I hope that it finds your heart as much as it found mine.

30 Principles That Turn Good Kids into Good Adults


My grandpa had a different way of looking at things. Chances are he was a lot like your grandpa. Words of wisdom in one-liner form flowed from him just like Ben Franklin's under his Silence Dogood pen name. I once heard another adult provide an excuse for mischief done by her sons. She made the mistake of using the "Boys will be boys" cliché in Grandpa's presence. "No ma'am," Grandpa replied in a serious tone. "Boys will be men." I have always tried to consider that thought in my own family. It has been my desire to raise my children to be adults, not kids. Following are 30 principles we have tried to rely on in our family in our attempt to reach that goal. Some of them came from Grandpa. I'd like to think he would approve of the rest.

  • 1. When you are wrong, apologize. (This lesson is seldom learned by children whose parents never apologize to them.)
  • 2. You don't need to be wrong to truthfully say that you're sorry.
  • 3. Look for reasons to be happy. Then be happy.
  • 4. Be thankful for what you have. You can always find someone who has less.
  • 5. Share what you have with those who are less fortunate.
  • 6. Do some good things that nobody knows about.
  • 7. You don't need to be appreciated to help others, unless that is why you helped them.
  • 8. Take care of your responsibilities so someone else doesn't need to worry about their rights.
  • 9. Set aside some of your time to work on loved one's priority lists.
  • 10. Spend your time with those who make you better.
  • 11. Don't be afraid to ask for help, but only after you have done all you can do on your own.
  • 12. Seek sound advice. Then follow it.
  • 13. If you did everything you should have, you'll be tired by bedtime.
  • 14. Study when it is time to learn.
  • 15. Exert yourself when it is time to work.
  • 16. People need to learn to work as children so that they will know how to do it as adults.
  • 17. Accept help and give credit. (Show me a self-made man and I'll show you a mess.)
  • 18. Spend a limited amount of time fighting against things you disagree with.
  • 19. Give the same respect that you demand from others.
  • 20. Bigotry breeds bigotry. (What you send around comes around.)
  • 21. Respect other's positions, whether or not you agree.
  • 22. Spend most of your time building things you love, rather than tearing down things you hate.
  • 23. If you don't have anything good to say, find something good to say.
  • 24. Try to give more than you take in any relationship.
  • 25. Your family should be better because you are in it.
  • 26. Your community should shine because that is where you live.
  • 27. Your state should be improved by your presence.
  • 28. Your country should be strengthened because of your dedication.
  • 29. The world should be a little bit worse without you when it's time for you to go.
  • 30.No matter how good an excuse is, it doesn't change what it is.

I realize that the world is a bit more complicated than the way my grandpa saw things. Still, most of the difficulties that we deal with on a daily basis could be greatly simplified; if we only applied a couple of layers of good-old-fashioned common sense and wisdom.

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The New Year is almost here... which means it's time for everybody's favorite end of year past time.... Best of Lists!  So here are my personal favorites in a variety of Categories for the best in Country Music for 2014!

Favorite Country Music Video...
Dierks Bentley Say You Do
No surprise if you read my blog regularly that I love this video.  Dierks is supposed to be sad but he spends the whole video doing awesome things like flying planes, driving motorcycles, and drinking whiskey in a backwoods cabin.  Dierks handles heartbreak in the best possible way.

Favorite Country Newcomer
Eric Paslay

I first heard Eric Paslays name as the songwriter for Eli Young Band's "Even if it Breaks Your Heart".  He started in the in the country music biz the old fashion way.  Writing awesome songs until he got enough attention for somebody to give him a shot at his own record.  His self-titled debut album was released in early 2014 and he has been killing it ever sense.  "Friday Night" "Song about a Girl" and "She Don't Love You" were all amazing singles.  I hope his 2015 is even better.

Favorite Party Anthem
Kyle Park Turn The Crown Upside Down
Just a good song... upbeat, it lists things, the chorus says "good times"... what more could you want?

Favorite Tearjerker
Randy Houser Like a Cowboy
This one just got me right in the feels... and it would have been my favorite for Music Video as well but I don't even consider it a music video... this thing is a 7 minute long Western Movie... with a real emotional soundtrack. 


Favorite 2014 Country Album
Kimberly Dunn Forever On The Run
I might be biased on this one because I listened to Texas Country Artist Kim Dunn's album right after she had given one of the best Live in KICKS studio performances I have ever heard.  But I popped in her CD into the car while I was driving around doing errands after work and it was so good I had to bring it inside and finish it when I got home.  Check it out on iTunes, and since it was released later in the year you might not have heard a lot of it yet so it's looking like a great 2015 for Kimberly Dunn.

Favorite Country Song
Roger Creager River Song
I can't even tell you why this was my favorite song of the year.  And to be perfectly honest I didn't really care for it when it first came out.  I didn't hate it or anything but I just didn't pay attention to it.  Then one day after we've been playing it a bit (and summer was getting into full swing) it played and I somehow knew all the words already and I sang along to the entire song.  Yes I sang it loudly and yes I was in the studio (Luckily we have good soundproofing).  The song had crept into my brain and it's still there now.  It didn't hurt that when Creager came to town he played one of the best live shows I've ever seen, just when it had gotten out of my head he stuck it right back in there with sheer force of showmanship.  Kudos... kudos.

Those personally were my favorites of the year.  Let me know what you agreed with and what you definitely did not agree with, or just what your 2014 favorites are!
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Merry Christmas!

I want to wish all of you a very MERRY Christmas! I pray that Jesus will become real for you in 2015 and that you will learn about His grace.

I am off for the holidays and back on January 2nd.

God bless you,
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Miranda and Blake Give $5 Concert, Music Wasn't Tim McGraw's First Career Choice

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton had an impromptu concert at her bed and breakfast, The Ladysmith in Tishomingo, OK on Friday. The show was announced on the B & B’s Facebook page a few hours before it started. Tickets were only five dollars and 80 people made it there.
Tim McGraw says music was not his first career choice. After high school he had scholarship offers for baseball, football and basketball but he decided to go to Northeast Louisiana University and sing with a group called The Electones. A few months later tho they kicked him out after he failed his music theory class because he couldn’t learn how to read music.
Years ago, Garth signed a minor league contract with the Padres and the Mets and he also did a guest stint with the Royals and said, “half the people in the baseball park are for you and the rest hate you and people yelled things at me like, ‘and I hate your music too.”
Finally - Thomas Rhett’s first concert was the Rolling Stones and one time when he saw them he snuck a camera in and secretly filmed Mick Jagger during sound-check.
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Garth Donates $200,000, Dierks Bentley Turns Into Clark Griswold

Friday night in Nashville, Garth stopped by Justin Timberlake’s concert to sing ‘Friends in Low Places’ with him. Justin says Garth’s always been his hero.
Saturday night Garth performed at Kelly Clarkson’s Christmas benefit for four Nashville charities. At the end of the show, someone told Kelly they’d raised $200,000. Then Trisha Yearwood whispered in her ear and made her bawl; she and Garth were gonna match the $200,000.
Sugarland, the concert promoter and 16 others have to pay $39 million dollars to the families and victims of that stage collapse in 2011 at the Indiana State Fair where 7 were killed and 100 hurt.
Dierks Bentley says now that he’s a father of three, he’s turned into Clark Griswold with decorating the tree and putting lights up around the house.
Finally - Kimberly from Little Big Town says on Christmas Eve they all get together in the living room of her sister's house and open one gift at the same time and it’s always matching pajamas.
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The Reporter-Telegram’s Stewart Doreen had a chance to sit down with Mike Lawrence and Dana Carole, “Mike and Dana” of KICKS (FM 99.1). The morning show royalty are headed for retirement after more than two decades broadcasting in the Permian Basin. In fact, today’s show will be their last.

Over the years, few have done it like Mike and Dana. They were honored as “Broadcast Personalities of the Year” by the Country Music Association in 1996, The Country Radio Broadcasters in 2000 and the Academy of Country Music in more

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This week, we've all been thinking about all the years with Mike & Dana... so here's my story with them.  Almost 20 years ago, I was hired by Mike to do evenings.  After a few months, I moved to the midday slot.  About that same time I found out that I was pregnant with my second child.  After my little man-cub was born, I brought him to work with me for several weeks until I could get him into a daycare program.  I'll always remember having my little baby there on the counter in the studio in his baby-bucket.  Mike has a way with babies and loved to hold him.  That sweet baby is now a senior in high school.  Wow.
Fast forward to 2001, I had moved to Wichita Falls for a job opportunity when I got a call that things were moving along in West Texas to bring a new station on the air... that station being KICKS.  What you may not know is that Mike & Dana did a whole bunch of work behind the scenes to get KICKS on the air.  Everything from the colors of the paint on the walls, to the sound-proofing on the wall, to the beautiful cabinetry in the studio.  Mike & Dana helped build this station from an empty store front.
Through all of the years they have shared their lives with all of us, and I'd like to think that we are all better for it.  Radiothon's, toy drives, food drives... we've done it all.  It won't be the same without them.

I personally wish them well.  Thanks for all of the years waking up West Texas.  I hope you enjoy spoiling those grandbabies & sleeping in.

God Speed Mike & Dana, may your lives be filled with the laughter & love that you've shared with all of us.
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Eric Church is country’s top selling artist of 2014. His album, The Outsiders, had the highest debut and sales of any record this year, it sold over a million copies and was certified Platinum. 
Little Big Town will play Taste of the NFL Jan 31; a Super Bowl Eve party and tickets are $700.
Carrie Underwood says her Christmas tree is fake and her decorations include big, wooden reindeer and lots of pillows that say stuff. Carrie also puts up stockings for her two dogs.
The only thing on Garth’s Christmas list this year is time with family. He says, “trying to get 3 girls and Miss Yearwood at a table for 20 minutes is all I want but the older they get, the harder that is.”
Trace Adkins has been cast in ‘Roadrunner,’ a big screen action comedy about racing starring Clint Eastwood’s son Scott.
Finally – happy 39th birthday to Randy Houser today.
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I don't know if you noticed this or not but over the next year there are an amazing amount of amazing movies coming out.  I obviously haven't seen any of them yet but I am going to call them amazing based on their trailers.  Since just Thanksgiving we seem to going through a Movie Trailer Renaissance... a Trailerssance if you will.  At least a half dozen upcoming mega movie blockbusters have released Trailers recently and every single one of them set new standards for what a Trailer should be.  If you haven't watched them yet you're in luck because I've embedded the best ones below.

Let's start with arguably the biggest teaser trailer ever... it's been viewed over 60 million times since it was released on Black Friday... Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
New Lightsaber!  Scary Storm Troopers!  X-Wings flying over water!  Was there a plot? No.  Was there any character information? No.  Am I more excited to see this movie next Christmas than I am about breathing oxygen? Yes. 

Next up, a reboot/sequel/Paleontologist dreamscape... Jurassic World aka "If Disney World had Dinosaurs"

This next trailer was technically released before Thanksgiving but only because an unfinished copy was leaked online so Disney decided to release the full HD version early.  It also wins the award for greatest franchise synergy because the song that is in the background is from Pinocchio but this particular cover will give you nightmares about robotic puppets.. It's the Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

My 4th and final favorite recent trailer broke the mold of what a trailer should be.  It's not a series of clips, it doesn't contain any graphics... it doesn't even have a voiceover.  It's just one really intense uncut scene from the movie that gets you completely captivated in less than two minutes.  American Sniper directed by Clint Eastwood.

Do you have a favorite trailer I left out? Let me know! 
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Blake Shelton Wins The Voice Again and The Band Perry's Working on a New Album

Blake Shelton had his 4th win as a coach on The Voice last night when his guy, Craig Wayne Boyd won the season finale. Craig’s single, ‘My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face,’ will be released to country radio.
Luke Bryan’s main holiday tradition is chili dogs on Christmas Eve. 
Yesterday Tim McGraw was in the kitchen prepping his red sauce that he serves over pasta every Christmas Eve.
The Band Perry is working on their third album right now and I’m not sure if they’ll have any collaborations but their short list includes Eminem, Jay-Z, Keith Richards and Ringo Starr.
Florida Georgia Line join WWE superstars for tonight’s Tribute to the Troops on the USA Network. It was taped a few weeks ago for military personnel and their families stationed at Fort Benning.
Finally - Brett Eldredge ‏tweets, “to chefs that wear beard nets...thanks! Not only am I pumped not to have to eat whatever fell out of your beard, they also look glorious!”
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