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So I came across a short 35 second video on YouTube recently and it has already become my new favorite. I don't want to ruin anything but it sets up a mystery then it quickly resolves itself. Do yourself a favor and watch it and meet me below the video to recap.

What just happened? Do you need to watch it again? That's okay, I've probably watched it a few hundred times by now. Let's break this down.

A building is on fire. How did the fire start? OH... this guy did it, he just casually admits it to the News Team. This leaves us so many unanswered questions... did the reporter go up and ask him his thoughts on the fire and he just thought it would be cool to confess? Did he just go up to the reporter and volunteer this information? He is standing IN THE MIDDLE of a bunch of cops and firefighters all "I set the fire" like. Dude bro sets a building on fire... goes and GETS A DRINK... comes back and is all like "Oh is that whole fire thing still going on? Yea that was me" Super casual. If you are going to commit arson, I feel like being super casual about it is the best way to go.

Speaking of the cops... how amazing is that reaction? Arsonist points to the building, "I set it on fire," The cop does an honest to goodness double-take then just stares at him in disbelief. They then arrest him. Case Closed. 35 seconds.

And to make you feel better I did some googling and found out that nobody was injured in the fire, and the guy set the fire to bring attention to the terrible living conditions in the area. He had tried to bring it up to the cops many times before but nobody paid attention before the fire.
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Luke Bryan won Favorite Male Country Artist at last nights American Music Awards and he thanked everyone, even his bus driver. Carrie Underwoodwon Female Country Artist, Favorite Country Band or Duo went to Florida Georgia Line and Favorite Country Album might be a surprise to some;Brantley Gilbert's 'Just As I Am.'
Garth joined Twitter and Facebook a few weeks ago and now he's doing what my pet peeve is - making sappy public posts to his wife. I hear Garth insists on writing his own posts and says, "I think it's kind of dangerous to have someone else do it for you." He loves the instant access it gives him to fans and that he can write anytime, he says even 2 in the morning.
If he wasn't a singer, Jake Owen would be a photographer. He's planning to make a photo book in the near future to publish his shots and says photography's a nice way to document his daughter Pearl's life.
Finally - newcomer Sam Hunt will perform on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight.
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Blake Shelton's in People's Sexiest Men Alive issue out today. Tomorrow he's at the grand opening of Miranda's five-acre, no-kill Oklahoma animal shelter in Tishimongo. Redemption Ranch will have animals to adopt, plus caramel apples, kettle corn, cotton candy and a fire pit for making S-mores. They've also had a ton of things donated to the ranch like dog beds and medicine and the shelter's located at 10881 S Dogwood Road.
Luke Bryan says he is "1,000 percent" already thinking about his next album. He's ramped up writing and getting ready to go into the studio to start cutting songs.
When Karen from Little Big Town's on the road, she takes a scented candle for her hotel room to remind her of home and she also never leaves Nashvillewithout Annie's organic gummy bunnies.
Garth will perform Sunday night on the American Music Awards via satellite from a tour stop.
Finally - Rascal Flatts shows inside Vegas's Hard Rock Hotel & Casino go on sale today.
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It wasn't at the doctor's office where Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike found out they were having a boy, she said it was too sterile there. The doctor wrote the news on a piece of paper and they looked at it when they were out to eat on a date night.
Happy 39th birthday to Dierks Bentley today. A birthday surprise he had a few years ago was meeting Merle Haggard. They were on his bus before a gig and Dierks says it freaked him out to actually hang out with such a legend.
Hunter Hayes canceled his concert tonight in St. Louis due to concerns of public unrest following the grand jury's decision in the Michael Brown shooting case that'll happen sometime this week.
Tim and Faith's youngest, 13-year-old Audrey is a great singer but Tim says she won't do anything professionally until she finishes high school.
Finally - Justin Moore says the fact we hardly ever see photos of his three young daughters is a calculated move on his part to keep them safe.
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For those of you who've heard the H-E-B commercials with Jack Ingram singing the Christmas songs, you can now download them from H-E-B's website. Please share this link, download the songs and spread the word!

For every download, they'll make a donation to the Salvation Army Texas Angel Tree children for a total of up to $25,000.

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My friend just saw Garth in Minneapolis and said it was amazing! He still runs all over the stage like he did years ago but now he uses the deafening crowd noise to hide he's out of breath. He told fans half the time his guitar isn't even on, it's there to hide his gut and as for his weight, Garth says he's "a biscuit short of 250."
Tonight on ABC's Nashville, The Band Perry, Trisha Yearwood, Carrie Underwood and Joe Nichols star as themselves as the storyline focuses on the CMA Awards.
Brett Eldredge ‏tweets, "I wish itty bitty harmless fireworks shot out of fortune cookies when you opened them."
Blake Shelton's already signed up for Season 8 of The Voice next year and says he will step away from the show and get his life back…eventually.
Finally – I now know why Garth always pulls any concert videos of his that get on YouTube. He says "because they don't pay artists; they claim they're paying people, but they're not."
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A woman was hurt Sunday night at Dierks Bentley's concert when a metal rod used for lighting fell from the ceiling and landed on her leg. She was treated and released from the hospital.
Kenny Chesney and his girlfriend vacationed in Italy a few months ago and he says cell phones have turned everyone into paparazzi; even the Virgin Islands aren't peaceful like they used to be for him. His refuge now is his 86-ft, 7 million dollar speedboat because people can't follow him.
Luke Bryan says the best fishing moment of his life was catching a 30-pound bass but he forgot to bring his scales so all he could do was lay him on his cooler to mark the length with a knife.
Following Shania, Tim & Faith and Garth, Rascal Flatts have a 9-show residency at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Vegas. The shows start Feb. 25 and tickets go on sale Friday.
Finally - Carrie Underwood says she's starting to buy things like strollers for her baby boy due next spring and one big perk; she can now use the 'expectant mothers' parking spot to shop.
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You might have noticed I was not on the air most of last week. If you tuned into Mike and Dana you probably heard me calling in from Florida (Where it was sooo warm, and I have no regrets in telling you I did not mind missing the bulk of the cold front). It was the annual Children's Miracle Network conference. Our CMN Radiothon is coming up in February and I went to the conference to get a better picture of this amazing organization as a whole. Now I already knew that what separated the CMN staff here in West Texas from other charities I'd worked with was their honesty and intense passion for what they do. After Celebration 2014 (The name of the conference) I know that that passion doesn't exist just here in Texas but in CMN staff and hospitals across the country and beyond. They have 170 hospitals total, in every state, Canadian province, and even one in Puerto Rico! But it wasn't seeing the interworkings of an amazing international charity that was the best part. It was meeting kids from across the country who had benefited from CMN Hospitals, many of whom wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the facilities that CMN provides. Each kid, who were aptly called Champions, had a unique story: from appendicitis that went wrong to extremely rare birth disorders that were only cured/prevented because they were born in or near a Childrens Hospital. The conference really was all about the kids, and telling their stories. The kid in the picture above is the Texas Champion, when he was born with one of those extremely rare disorders they had to amputate his feet and hands to save him, and doctors were sure he would never run or jump again. When they introduced him on stage he came out in a full sprint. Manly tears were shed.

Childrens Miracle Network had a record year in fundraising in 2014. And while some of it does come from corporate sponsors and the like, the huge majority of it comes from local individual donations that help the local hospital, and from events like our yearly Radiothon. We want to keep that momentum and passion alive so this February when you hear us talk about CMN and all the local West Texas children who have benefited from this amazing charity, even if it's only a dollar, Put your Money Where the Miracles Are.
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Last week Luke Bryan got death threats after posting a photo of a deer he killed bow hunting in Illinois. No word if he's taking these threats seriously or not.
Earlier this year, Keifer from Thompson Square got death threats after he posted a photo of a 6-foot snake he killed because it was coiled up and snapped at their small dog.
Trisha Yearwood's 'PrizeFighter: Hit after Hit' is out today with 10 hits and 6 new songs. has autographed copies while they last andTrisha will perform on Good Morning America tomorrow.
Garth's a recipient of ASCAP's 'Once-A-Century Centennial Awards' for songwriting tonight at the swanky Waldorf Astoria in New York City.
Finally - Sara Evans holiday album, 'At Christmas' is out today with 10-tracks and vocals from her two daughters; 12-year-old Olivia and Audrey who's 10.
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If we are lucky, we are each given at least one friend we are totally comfortable with. A friend you can count on to be honest, fallible, forgiving, and funny. If you are truly blessed, your husbands also get along great. We just spent the weekend with those friends.

Rachel and I became friends when we worked together on CMN. We have seen each other sick, tired, angry, hurt, scared and in trouble. We have survived Disney World together many times. Rachel and Kevin have seen Mike and I fight and we have seen them fight. Not that it happens often because like Mike and I, Kevin and Rachel are best friends.

This weekend we went up to the cabin. Within the first hour we were in our jammies…we didn't get out of those jammies until Sunday at noon!! We all claimed a spot in the living room and built our nests. Books, cups, candy, robes and heated throws made us each comfortable. Then there were football games and movies. A fire going the whole time and some snow! Rachel and Mike cooked…Kevin and I let them.

I read somewhere that God puts people in your life "for a Season, a Reason or a Lifetime" and I pray all the time that Kevin and Rachel are our Lifetime people from God, because being this comfortable with another couple is truly a gift. Treasure the "Lifetime" friends in your own life.
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