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You may have noticed the Texas Sage bushes around town are blooming beautifully.  I've always heard that the sage is a better rain predictor than any weatherman, so I decided to look into the science behind it.  Here's what I found:

Texas sage (Leucophyllum frutescens), also known as Texas ranger and cenizo, produces silvery-gray foliage and ½- to 1-inch, bell-shaped, light purple flowers. Texas sage most often blooms after summer showers and does bloom repeatedly in waves from spring through fall, especially after rains moisten the soil. (homeguide - texas sage)

Hmmmm, that says AFTER a rain... back to google.

Officially known as Leucophyllum frutescens, Barometer Bush is a tough, desert-loving plant native to Texas and Mexico. Resistant to drought, foraging deer, freezes, high winds, salt spray and blazing heat, its foliage has the soft, grayish appearance of some salvias or Dusty Miller. The blossoms, ranging in color from pink to lavender, tend to appear in times of high humidity or after rain has left the soil damp and pliable – hence the name, Barometer Bush.

Because suddenly rising humidity often precedes rain in arid or semi-arid climates, the sage can be tempted to bloom just as suddenly before a rain. Depending on the degree of drought, the excitement over its flowering can be palpable.

Ah, now I get it!  Bloom on Barometer bush, bloom on!

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This is an artichoke:

You can eat them.  I always thought they were a vegetable but apparently they are a thistle.  You can grill them, boil them etc etc.... but if you let them grow they flower... and an artichoke flower looks like this:

This is all I know about artichokes.
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My daughter’s–in-law, Lilly and Sara, are both new mothers.  Their mom journey has just begun.  As they face daycare drama and mommy guilt, workplace issues and exhaustion, I feel like I am part of a sorority of women who have taken or are taking this mommy journey.
I remember how isolating it could be at times.  Up all alone, just you and the baby, at 3am.  Embarrassed in Wal-Mart when the baby will NOT stop crying and you still have to go through the check-out lane. 
I remember the feeling when I dropped my baby off at daycare for the first time.  Lilly just did that last week as she returned to work.  It was the longest day of her life.  I remember that too.
So, to my girls Lilly and Sara, you are both doing such a fantastic job!  You are amazing mothers and great women.  Just remember when you are out in public and you just want to cry with frustration because NOTHING is going right…find the nearest grandma.  I have discovered that “Grandmotherhood” is also a sorority…and we are always there to help.
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So a friend of mine posted on Facebook "Why do Giraffe's have horns?"  And my first response was "Giraffes have horns? What?"  And then I looked at a picture of a Giraffe... and they do!  kinda...   Here is another picture of a Giraffe head as a refresher. 

So those things on its head kind of look almost like horns!  And they almost kind of are horns!  I went to the internet and Wikipedia told me they are called Ossicones and are actually more like stubby little antlers than horns.  Giraffes don't use them for anything anymore, but they aren't hurting anything either so they just are just there... being Ossicones.  But the ancestors of Giraffes did have crazy horned antlers as this skeleton shows

Then somewhere down the line they decided leaves looked more delicious than grass so they went the long neck route and the antlers went the way of slap bracelets and pet rocks.  So if you ever thought about Giraffes as long-necked horses... they are actually just long-necked deer. 

And that is your fun fact about Giraffes

P.S.  I got all these photos from the Giraffe Wikipedia page which you should definitely check out if for whatever reason you want to learn more about giraffes... but the last photo on the page talks about giraffes being exported all over the world in the olden times and they have a drawing of a Giraffe during the Ming Dynasty in China and it made me chuckle:

that guy is like "Dude, what is this?"  He is probably even wondering why the thing has horns... but you and I both know they aren't horns... they are ossicones.
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No one can prepare you.  We got lots of well wishes when we found out we were going to be grandparents.  Everyone said grandkids would change our lives, that we would love it, that it is better than being a parent!  And we tucked those comments away and waited for our babies to be born. 
We are two months into this adventure of being grandparents and I have to say, it has been a real “game changer” for us.  We had Gwendolyn and Gabriel together for the first time last week.  Oh the joy!  The cuteness! And the deep, deep happiness that comes from having grandbabies.
We had a lovely dinner at the Barn Door with the whole family.  The babies were so quiet through the whole dinner!  I don’t remember my kids being that good!  We went shopping and out to eat several times and those babies never cried!  How is that possible?  Could it be that Mike and I never let them?  Could it be that we picked them up with the first squeak?  Could it be that Mike and I always had a baby in our arms?  Maybe…
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How's this for a "class project?"  Three students at MIT hacked an ice cream maker & a 3-d printer to "print" ice cream into a star. Whoa!  Technology is awesome.  Here's the full story "We scream for ice cream."

This video is of one of the failed attempts:

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It might not be that big of a surprise that the technical side of the radio business means you have to deal with a lot of cables, and anybody who has ever had to roll up an extension cord or something similar knows that it gets kinked up almost as soon as you start rolling it.  However I learned a super secret technique of rolling cables that prevents those kinks.  I learned it way back in High School when I was helping run a sound board for the local community theater by some old wise man with a big beard.  It's called the "Over-under" technique and while I was trying to teach it to a coworker here at the studio I cam across a tutorial that teaches it way better than I or even Mr. Beard ever could. 


With this information in hand go forth and roll cables as they were meant to be rolled! 
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