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Hey, I love animals. Animals are awesome. I watch nature documentaries constantly. I like every picture of an animal I see on Instagram. I wouldn't change a thing about animals. But... what if animals were round? Have you ever asked yourself that question. I hadn't until I'd seen this video. This video, which is really just a commercial for some animation conference, both raises that question... and answers it at the same time. Thanks Internet!

And if your next logical question after watching that video was... But... what if meerkats were also round? Then do I have the follow up video for you!

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Garth Plays Invitation Only Show, Jason Aldean's Interesting Way to Unwind

Garth played an invitation-only show for 700 at Nashville's Marathon Music Works last night for Country Radio Seminar. His full band and cameras were there and I hear we may see it on film sometime in the future.
Speaking of Garth, after a 5-month legal battle to keep secret the financial details of his tour launch last year at Chicago's Allstate Arena, we now know they paid him 1.5 million up front, he got $100,000 per sold-out show and a prorated sum for the ones that didn't sell out. The arena also greatly slashed their rental fee in hopes to entice him to kick the tour off there.
Randy Houser moved to Nashville in 1992 without no game plan then his car broke down and soon after he couldn't pay his rent and was close to getting thrown out of his small duplex till a friend helped him. This year Randy will join Luke Bryan's Kick Up the Dust tour that opens May 8.
Finally - at home Jason Aldean unwinds by watching TV and his favorite shows are not the typical unwinding type; Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds and Entourage.
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Zac Brown Band Debut on SNL, Little Big Town Play Fundraiser in Texas

Little Big Town and Toby Keith will play Matthew McConaughey's annual fundraiser in Austin, Texas on April 16 for their Gala Night. Proceeds go to kid's charities across the US.
Zac Brown Band are the musical guest on Saturday Night Live Mar 7; their 1st time on the show.
As for his take on marriage, Tim McGraw says, "there will be ups and downs and you won't always see eye to eye; you may even not like each other sometimes, you just have to know you're in it for the long haul and you're committed. Look at the big picture and enjoy life."
Speaking of Tim, Brantley Gilbert will never forget touring with him last year and says, "how Tim conducts himself on the road with the people that work for him and with him is amazing."
Even tho Jason Aldean rocks out hard on stage he says fans may not know at home, he's pretty laid-back.
Finally – Sam Hunt performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.
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Jason Aldean Will Marry This Summer, Keith Urban's Working on New Album

Jason Aldean will marry his fiancée Brittany Kerr this summer in a ceremony that'll be small and low-key. He says, "we've been so scrutinized, we wanna keep it simple and only have people that are really important to us there."
Jake Owen says a few things we may not know about him is he's such a fast runner, he's never lost a footrace. He was also a dork in high school and he absolutely hates mayonnaise.
Carrie Underwood's son is due in April so she's working on simplifying her beauty regimen to reduce stress after he's born.
Keith Urban just started working on his next album but he's still not sure of its direction and says that can either be enlightening or incredibly frustrating.
As for people who say mean stuff about him on social media Chris Youngsays, "you have to just brush it off and I actually think it's kinda funny."
Finally - Little Big Town perform on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today.
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Tim McGraw Brings Oscar Crowd to Tears, Blake Shelton Returns to The Voice Tonig

Tim McGraw performed Glen Campbell's song last night at the Academy Awards and a lot of folks in the audience were seen brushing away tears. Before he sang last night, Tim posted a photo of his pre-Oscar manicure.Faith Hill also revealed her new Oscar haircut; a super short pixie cut.
Season 8 of The Voice debuts tonight and tomorrow night with Blake Sheltonback as a judge. One performer tonight is former Steel Magnolia singer Meghan Linsey. She's not saying how her audition went but I think she did great.
Friday, Luke Bryan and family were at Walt Disney World between his Orlando concerts and before riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad his 6 and 3-year old sons got to meet Goofy!
Garth's working on new music and says the album will be ready by Christmas or next spring.
Finally – tickets go on sale today for Chris Young's June 10 fan club party, just head to
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Eric Church Has New Son, Tim MCGraw Performs at Oscars Sunday

Late yesterday Eric Church revealed his wife Katherine had their 2nd son last Sunday; Tennessee Hawkins but they're calling him Hawk. Eric says, "he and mom are doing well. We aren't sleeping much, but we're enjoying every part of this incredible journey. I'm very blessed."
Little Big Town head to Florida today to be part of the Daytona 500. They'll perform tomorrow at The Bash at the Beach; the day before the big race. The concert airs Saturday night on FOX.
Sunday night, Tim McGraw performs Glen Campbell's Oscar nominated song, 'I'm Not Gonna Miss You' at the Academy Awards. The Oscar gift bag Tim will receive is worth $150,000 and includes a $14,000 Rocky Mountaineer luxury rail trip through the Canadian Rockies, a year's worth of Audi car rentals valued at $20,000 and three nights at a villa in Tuscany.
Finally - Chris Young's Fan Club Party will be June 10 at the Grand Ole Opry House. Tickets are open to current and new fan club members only and include a live performance by Chris followed by a meet & greet. Tickets are $50 and they go on sale Monday at
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Kenny Chesney Starts Tour Rehearsals, Willie Nelson Stars in New Film

Kenny Chesney and his band start four weeks of rehearsals for his Big Revival Tour that kicks off March 26 in Nashville. Kenny says, "we're a lot like a baseball team; six months on, six months off… and a lot of time to get ready."
Garth, Trisha, Lady A, Little Big Town, Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes will appear at a pre ACM gala April 17, two days before the awards show. Events will take place simultaneously at the Omni Dallas Hotel and the Fort Worth Zoo.
Sam Hunt, Thomas Rhett and Cole Swindell are finalists for ACM New Artist of the Year and you can make your pick at
Lee Brice now has 4 tattoos on his left forearm; the date his 1st song went #1, his son's birthday, his first #1 as an artist with 'Woman Like You' and Lee's most recent tattoo is his wedding date.
Finally - Willie Nelson has an Old West film set on his property in Luck, Texas and in March it'll be used for the big screen movie, 'Waiting for the Miracle to Come,' a drama starring Willie in one of its lead roles.
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You might not have realized this but for over a year now I've been dealing with some serious stuff. Stuff that caused the whole range of emotions. There was Anger. Depression. Confusion. And I wish I could say acceptance but there was no acceptance. They had stopped making my favorite Ice Cream flavor.

My favorite flavor was Ben and Jerry's "Jimmy Fallon's Late Night Snack." It was delicious. Potato chip clusters covered in fudge in vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls. It was good... really good. It was named after Fallon's then show Late Night. But then, and you may not have heard about this because there was no fanfare and Fallon has kept a low profile online... Jimmy Fallon started hosting a little program called The Tonight Show.

Way to go for Jimmy Fallon... but in the process I lost something precious... I lost Late Night Snack. And ever since I've had to settle for my second favorite ice cream. Cookie Dough.

But now it seems Jimmy, Ben, and Jerry have hears my lonely ice-creamless crys in the night. They have just announced a new Ice Cream. It's called.... drumroll.... "Tonight Dough"

and i quote... "The Tonight Dough is chock full of the stuff people love… a double-double flavor with two ice creams, two cookie doughs and a crunchy cookie swirl"

Ben and Jerry even went on The Tonight Show to help announce it.

And even better all the proceeds will be donated to a children's charity. So now all I have to do is taste it...
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