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Miranda Lambert wraps her tour Saturday night in Hawaii; her first time there. She says it's like a working vacation for she and the band and it also means she'll have played every state in the US.

Blake Shelton'll be honored by his hometown ofAda, OK on the day his new album, 'Bringing Back the Sunshine' is out Sept. 30 as Main Street will be renamed Blake Shelton Blvd.
31-year-old pregnant Carrie Underwood's still working out daily. She's hitting the punching bag and lifting weights but they're lighter now with higher reps.

Joe Nichols daughter, Georgia Blue, is four months old and big sister, 2-year-old Dylan doesn't like her always stealing all the attention so Dylan's been running into walls lately to get noticed.

Lady A's Hilary Scott says bandmate Dave Haywood's nearly 2-week old newborn son Cash is beautiful! She adds they're doing great and Cash is a little mini-Dave!
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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been named recipients of the Harmony Award by the Nashville Symphony for the harmonious spirit they give to the musical community. They'll be honored December 13 at the symphony's yearly ball where they'll perform as well.

Kenny Chesney's learned to surf and says he regrets not doing it sooner because it's therapy for him. He also had a diet cheat day recently in the Virgin Islands when he ate fried shark bites.

Jake Owen ‏tweets, "as hard as it might seem boys, sometimes she just needs to hear, 'I'm sorry.'

Garth's headed to Rupp Arena in Lexington, KYfor two shows, Oct. 31 and Nov. 1. Tickets go on sale a week from Friday.
Brad Paisley says his idea of a perfect night is getting take-out barbecue then riding a skateboard while his two young sons are nearby on their bikes.
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I'm a big fan of NASA, rockets, and all things outer space. So imagine how awesome it felt when the news broke earlier that Midland International Airport has just been approved as the first Commercial Space Port in the country. Yes, the Federal Aviation Administration has officially certified Midland as a Spaceport. In fact the new name will be "Midland International Air and Spaceport". West Texas has a Spaceport... and that will go down as one of the best sentences I've ever written. Obviously this is brand new, and things are still being planned out. You can read the full details here. But in the not too distant future we will be able to watch rockets blast off into space from our own backyards... and not too soon after that I'll get to say what will be my new favorite sentence "I think I'll go to outer space today"
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Florida Georgia Line's, 'Anything Goes,' is out Oct. 14 and now we hear Target will have the exclusive version with three bonus tracks. You can pre-order it now on Target's website.

Eric Church and Lucchese have teamed up to create an exclusive line of cowboy boots but we'll only be able to buy them at shows on his Outsiders World Tour.

I found out Jake Owen almost said no to country music so he could play golf in collegebut when he hurt his shoulder and had surgery that led Jake to pick up a guitar. He still loves to golf tho and has already been to Augusta withhis dad but the last few years he's played the Pebble Beach Pro-Am and says that's become one of his favorite things to do.

Tim McGraw's on The View today then it's the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

If you see Hunter Hayes in concert this year, he brings these huge 30-inch bouncy balls along that light up for fans to toss around during the show.

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We have puppies. We are exhausted. People always say that you don't really know what it is to be a parent until you have TWO children. Bill Cosby says that's because with only one child you always know who did it! It is the same with puppies.

Our two, Augie and BB, are inseparable, and energetic. It is always amazing to me how different their personalities are. Augie is the scruffy terrier. He is timid with new people, is very still and sweet when you hold him, sleeps in bed with us, and is very protective if he perceives a threat. He can also be shamed into better behavior.

BB is in every way the opposite. BB is the little Pomeranian mix. She is so adorable she gets forgiveness because her cuteness is impossible to ignore. She is not particularly cuddly, doesn't know a stranger, and cannot be shamed into better behavior because she truly believes everything she does is golden! She is bold, independent, and very, very naughty. At the Lonestar Sanctuary they called her "Xena Princess Puppy" for a reason!

Everyone says the best way to potty train them is by using crate training. But it is really hard to put a shelter puppy into a crate. Our two were found wandering in the streets and they have serious separation anxiety when we leave them alone. So we will just keep taking them outside every 15 minutes until they learn, or we do.

Sometimes we question our wisdom for adopting two puppies, but we never question our decision to adopt THESE two puppies!
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If you head to, early this morning,Kenny Chesney's posted six new tunes we can hear off his album that's out next week.

Tim McGraw's 'Sundown Heaven Town' is out. The 13-track edition has Faith Hill and the 18-track deluxe version at amazon or iTunes has Kid Rock.
Tonight at 9 ET/ 6 PT, Tim has a free concert at
Last weekend some industry friends were over to hear some of his new tunes but he forgot a few words and said, "on tour, I'll need a video screen with all the words on it."

Today you can pre-order Florida Georgia Line's'Anything Goes,' and you'll get one of the songs 'Sun Daze,' right now for free.
George Strait's final show of his farewell tour is in stores as a 20-track live CD with guests that include Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, Miranda Lambert and more.

When Garth played Chicago last weekend, one of the background singers was his teenager Allie even tho he never told the crowd it was his daughter. Before the show he was seen at iFLY, an indoor facility near Chicago that simulates sky diving using a wind tunnel.
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Tickets sold so well Friday for Garth'sJacksonville, FL shows he added three more. I also hear we may never see a fan video of him performing 'People Loving People' as his management team takes them down as fast as they're put up.

We can expect some big news from Kenny Chesney tomorrow as a countdown's started on his website with a post reading, "be ready on September 16th."
This weekend I sent you Blake Shelton's new romantic duet with Barbra Streisand for her duets album 'Partners' out Thursday.

To try and eliminate scalping, Eric Church uses paperless tickets, which require a photo ID and the purchasing credit card to get in. He only allows eight tickets per household per show as well and says, "if you're a ticket scalper, don't even mess with us."

Tomorrow Tim McGraw performs on Good Morning America as he has a new album in stores then.

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Hey! It rained this weekend! It wasn't crazy violent windy rain either! Just a nice couple of gentle rainy days. So I went to the National Weather Service website and pulled the rain totals... because science. Totals varied place to place (and street to street) but at the main weather center at Midland International it rained .14 inches over 3 days. and .78 inches so far this month. And while September is looking to be the wettest month of the year 2014 is still well behind the average. Only 5.52 inches so far compared to 14.60 as our yearly average, and we are still about 3 inches behind rain totals for last year. So drought conditions still exist but on the bright side it looks to be a cool, cloudy week... with at least a 20 to 40 percent chance of rain every day. I copy and pasted the actual "Climate Report" below, and for some reason it compares everything to the same time of year in 1995.

YESTERDAY 0.06 1995 0.07 -0.01
MONTH TO DATE 0.78 0.95 -0.17
SINCE SEP 1 0.78 0.95 -0.17
SINCE JAN 1 5.52 10.67 -5.15

Rain total September 12th – 14th - .14

Average Annual Precipitation= 14.60
Rain Totals past 3 years:
2011 5.47
2012 12.80
2013 8.50
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Miranda Lambert's MuttNation Foundation just broke ground on the five-acre Redemption Ranch; a no kill shelter in Tishomingo,Oklahoma. They hope to open in October. They have a pink entry, pink animal cells and pink rocking chairs for visitors.

Kenny Chesney's addicted to playing NCAA Football on his Playstation and its part of his daily ritual that includes working out and a breakfast of five egg whites plus one egg with peppers.

Tickets for Garth's Jacksonville, Florida concert go on sale this morning with an 8-ticket limit.

Saturday night, Little Big Town and Kenny Rogers perform on the PBS special, Star-Spangled Spectacular.

Saturday, Willie Nelson and friends are in Raleigh, North Carolina for Farm Aid and it'll be live on

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