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Shania was seen dining at the Vegas restaurant of Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis. Shania and her husband even got to go on a private tour of the kitchen.

This morning at 10 AM CT Garth's Chicagoconcert September 4 at Allstate Arena goes on sale and the most you can buy at a time are 6. To increase your chances of getting them, set up an account now with Ticketmaster, then sign in and stay that way until tickets go on sale. When that happens search 'Best Available' to save you time and get you tickets. More shows could very well be added once this one sells out as his concert's the only event there for a three-week period, so it could easily turn into a Garth mini-residency.
The Band Perry, Justin Moore and Brantley Gilbert have a concert before this weekend's races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Miranda Lambert and The Band Perry will perform on Fashion Rocks Live Sept. 9 on CBS.
Little Big Town's Jimi and Karen were spotted at Martin's Bar-B-Que near Nashville's BelmontUniversity. They have an indoor pit where whole pigs, goats and lamb spin over open flames.

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Kenny Chesney will co-direct a football documentary for ESPN, 'The Believer' about South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier. It airs on the SEC Network Aug 27.

Steve Spurrier will take his turn in ESPN and the SEC Network's "SEC Storied" series at 8 p.m. on Aug. 27 in a documentary titled, "The Believer." The film covers Spurrier's career as a player and coach, featuring interviews with his former players and his family, and addresses why and how Spurrier became Spurrier.

"It was a documentary they wanted to put together," Spurrier said on Tuesday at SEC Media Days. "They spent a lot of time with my family, wife, kids, grandkids and so forth, and a lot of former players. So, hopefully, it will turn out OK."

The trailer was released on Wednesday, a 90-second burst of Spurrier playing and coaching at Florida, Duke and South Carolina. The visor-tossing, the grin and the trophies are all well represented.

ESPN and the SEC had been discussing a Spurrier film, and once ESPN's acclaimed "30 For 30" series began, it gained traction. A country music star provided an assist.

"There had been some talk of doing a Spurrier documentary, and when Kenny got involved, it kind of just fell together," said Andy Billman, a producer of ESPN Films.

Kenny Chesney and Spurrier have been friends since 2007, when Chesney was performing at Colonial Life Arena and invited Spurrier on stage. Chesney, a football fan and longtime supporter of Tennessee, received a No. 7 USC jersey from Spurrier when Chesney played Williams-Brice Stadium in 2013 (No. 7 not for Jadeveon Clowney, but because it was Chesney's number in high school).

Chesney, who also helped with a 2011 film called "The Boys of Fall" about football players across all levels, pitched his support as co-executive producer and the idea took off. "SEC Storied" covered topics such as Herschel Walker and "The Play That Changed College Football," a recap of the 1992 SEC Championship Game in which Spurrier and his Gators were well represented, and decided to include Spurrier's own film in its next wave.

Miranda Lambert's tour bus was just remodeled with hardwood floors, farm-wood walls and a retro light pink fridge. She also has three bunks so friends and family can join her on the road.Watch the video here.
Carrie Underwood's behind-the-scenes making of 'Waiting All Day For Sunday Night' hits movie theaters today.
Jake Owen thinks the music biz is more than just a fight for a place on the charts. He says, "we only have a short window to make our mark and at the end, all you have left is your character. I'd rather have great character than a long line of big hits no one remembers 20 years from now."
Randy Travis has new music out Aug 19, 'Influence Vol. 2: The Man I Am.' Pre-order the album now on iTunes and you'll get an instant download of one song for free.
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So a friend of mine posted on Facebook "Why do Giraffe's have horns?" And my first response was "Giraffes have horns? What?" And then I looked at a picture of a Giraffe... and they do! kinda... Here is another picture of a Giraffe head as a refresher.

So those things on its head kind of look almost like horns! And they almost kind of are horns! I went to the internet and Wikipedia told me they are called Ossicones and are actually more like stubby little antlers than horns. Giraffes don't use them for anything anymore, but they aren't hurting anything either so they just are just there... being Ossicones. But the ancestors of Giraffes did have crazy horned antlers as this skeleton shows

Then somewhere down the line they decided leaves looked more delicious than grass so they went the long neck route and the antlers went the way of slap bracelets and pet rocks. So if you ever thought about Giraffes as long-necked horses... they are actually just long-necked deer.

And that is your fun fact about Giraffes

P.S. I got all these photos from the Giraffe Wikipedia page which you should definitely check out if for whatever reason you want to learn more about giraffes... but the last photo on the page talks about giraffes being exported all over the world in the olden times and they have a drawing of a Giraffe during the Ming Dynasty in China and it made me chuckle:

that guy is like "Dude, what is this?" He is probably even wondering why the thing has horns... but you and I both know they aren't horns... they are ossicones.
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Garth Set to Become Best Selling Artist of all Time

When Garth starts selling his music digitally, maybe even as early as this week, he'll still set records even tho he's not using iTunes. A half a million downloads of his 18-disc catalog will blow him past Elvis so he'll likely become the best-selling solo act in history. Then he'll take on The Beatles; he's at 134 million in sales, they're at 177 million. If he takes them, Garth will become the best selling artist of all time! I hear his new single's out Monday.

FGL's Brian Kelley Goes Incognito

Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley can often go incognito like the gas station outside Nashville the other day. He bought a camouflage cigarette lighter with the FGL logo, had on an FGL cap and even told the clerk, "I love this band," but the guy still had no idea who he was.

Billy Currington Always Jogs Barefoot

Billy Currington never wears shoes anywhere unless he has to. He also always jogs barefoot because he heard it's better for your body. Billy says he never has pain when he runs barefoot so his feet must be as thick as a dog's.

Luke Bryan on With Ellen Today

Luke Bryan is on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today.
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Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney just spent the afternoon at Nashville's Buffalo Wild Wings.
Jason says, "he's a good guy to bounce ideas off of and as long as he's been in the business, he still loves what he does."

Luke Bryan Bellyaches About 'Getting Old'

He just turned 38 and Luke Bryan says his joints ache and his feet hurt a lot. His wife Caroline says, "when ever he starts bellyaching about getting old, I tell him growing old is a privilege."

TBP + Justin Moore + Brantley Gilbert Perform at NASCAR Races

The Band Perry, Justin Moore and Brantley Gilbert have a pre race show before NASCAR's Indiana 250 & Brickyard 400 this weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Joe Nichols Recovering From Back Surgery

Joe Nichols never missed a show even tho he had back surgery three weeks ago. Long distance running caused the damage and doctors had to remove bone and ligaments.

Eli Young Band Perform on The Late Show

Tonight Eli Young Band perform on The Late Show With David Letterman.
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No one can prepare you. We got lots of well wishes when we found out we were going to be grandparents. Everyone said grandkids would change our lives, that we would love it, that it is better than being a parent! And we tucked those comments away and waited for our babies to be born.

We are two months into this adventure of being grandparents and I have to say, it has been a real "game changer" for us. We had Gwendolyn and Gabriel together for the first time last week. Oh the joy! The cuteness! And the deep, deep happiness that comes from having grandbabies.

We had a lovely dinner at the Barn Door with the whole family. The babies were so quiet through the whole dinner! I don't remember my kids being that good! We went shopping and out to eat several times and those babies never cried! How is that possible? Could it be that Mike and I never let them? Could it be that we picked them up with the first squeak? Could it be that Mike and I always had a baby in our arms? Maybe…
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How's this for a "class project?" Three students at MIT hacked an ice cream maker & a 3-d printer to "print" ice cream into a star. Whoa! Technology is awesome. Here's the full story "We scream for ice cream."

This video is of one of the failed attempts:

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Who knew Luke Bryan's a pretty handy guy - he just built a stone wall out of pavers all by himself.

Tyler Farr Buys 32-Acres Plus a Log Home

Tyler Farr just bought 32-acres an hour north ofNashville with a log house that's next door to Jason Aldean. He saw it 5-years ago and hoped one day to own a home like that. Tyler says his bachelor pad will be classy with a rustic lodge, vibe.

Lady Antebellum's '747' Out September 30

Lady Antebellum's fifth album, '747' is out September 30. Hillary says, "we're taking ourselves out of our comfort zone and there's an energy to it that we've never released before."

Brad Paisley's Dad Keeps Him Grounded

Brad Paisley's dad Doug works for Brad and he says having him on the road keeps him grounded. As for unusual requests on his tour rider, Brad says he always asks for 2 percent milk and cereal.
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It might not be that big of a surprise that the technical side of the radio business means you have to deal with a lot of cables, and anybody who has ever had to roll up an extension cord or something similar knows that it gets kinked up almost as soon as you start rolling it. However I learned a super secret technique of rolling cables that prevents those kinks. I learned it way back in High School when I was helping run a sound board for the local community theater by some old wise man with a big beard. It's called the "Over-under" technique and while I was trying to teach it to a coworker here at the studio I cam across a tutorial that teaches it way better than I or even Mr. Beard ever could.

With this information in hand go forth and roll cables as they were meant to be rolled!
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