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So earlier today on a whim I decided to search for Batman costumes for Festus... mostly because I thought that it would be hilarious.  So I googled Batman Dachshund and found the above costume*... which is awesome.  But more importantly I found this:

Look at that little chubby wiener dog chase that little kid! Look at it! I've been watching it for ten minutes and haven't stopped giggling. He just wanted some candy and now he is traumatized for life, rough day. 

Then I got into a weird place and started googling animal vs kid GIFs... so to make things even here is a cat vs toddler GIF.

to be fair the kid had it coming, he probably won't be doing that again.  And bless the parents for putting it on the internet for us to enjoy. 

*the dog in the Batman "outfit" is named Crusoe, and he has a whole website dedicated to him here:

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08/15/2013 11:39AM
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