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I'm a big fan of NASA, rockets, and all things outer space. So imagine how awesome it felt when the news broke earlier that Midland International Airport has just been approved as the first Commercial Space Port in the country. Yes, the Federal Aviation Administration has officially certified Midland as a Spaceport. In fact the new name will be "Midland International Air and Spaceport". West Texas has a Spaceport... and that will go down as one of the best sentences I've ever written. Obviously this is brand new, and things are still being planned out. You can read the full details here. But in the not too distant future we will be able to watch rockets blast off into space from our own backyards... and not too soon after that I'll get to say what will be my new favorite sentence "I think I'll go to outer space today"
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Hey! It rained this weekend! It wasn't crazy violent windy rain either! Just a nice couple of gentle rainy days. So I went to the National Weather Service website and pulled the rain totals... because science. Totals varied place to place (and street to street) but at the main weather center at Midland International it rained .14 inches over 3 days. and .78 inches so far this month. And while September is looking to be the wettest month of the year 2014 is still well behind the average. Only 5.52 inches so far compared to 14.60 as our yearly average, and we are still about 3 inches behind rain totals for last year. So drought conditions still exist but on the bright side it looks to be a cool, cloudy week... with at least a 20 to 40 percent chance of rain every day. I copy and pasted the actual "Climate Report" below, and for some reason it compares everything to the same time of year in 1995.

YESTERDAY 0.06 1995 0.07 -0.01
MONTH TO DATE 0.78 0.95 -0.17
SINCE SEP 1 0.78 0.95 -0.17
SINCE JAN 1 5.52 10.67 -5.15

Rain total September 12th – 14th - .14

Average Annual Precipitation= 14.60
Rain Totals past 3 years:
2011 5.47
2012 12.80
2013 8.50
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Lee Brice's new album "I Don't Dance" came out today! I've been looking forward to it since I saw him at Texas Thunder earlier this year (Texas Thunder also was where the above photo with Lee and the KICKS crew was taken) . The first two singles have been awesome, the title track I Don't Dance was great and his new one that just came out Drinking Class is one of my current favorites. Get all the info on the album at and I've posted the new lyric music video for Drinking Class below and the video for I Don't Dance just because.

I Don't Dance
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I'm going to need to remember this trick in the future when I have kids. This dad uses the best example of reverse psychology I've ever seen to convince his son that they are walking instead of driving... and the kid just goes with it. Well done Dad, well done.

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If you aren't familiar with Jacob's Well it is one of those little geographical anomalies that exist as trivia tidbits for small towns.  It is basically an underwater cave in Central Texas that is insanely deep.  I remember visiting there as a kid and people saying it was deep and that several scuba divers had died trying to explore it.  I had completely forgotten about it until I came across this scuba video:


And that is just the part you can easily get to without special equipment! 

Here is the description of the video for those interested:
Jacob's Well is considered a dangerous underwater cave for novice or non-cave trained SCUBA divers with at least eight divers having died in the system. At the present,
four chambers have been explored, the last of which ends in a too narrow
restriction for divers to continue. To date, 8 divers have perished exploring the well.
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