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So a friend of mine posted on Facebook "Why do Giraffe's have horns?" And my first response was "Giraffes have horns? What?" And then I looked at a picture of a Giraffe... and they do! kinda... Here is another picture of a Giraffe head as a refresher.

So those things on its head kind of look almost like horns! And they almost kind of are horns! I went to the internet and Wikipedia told me they are called Ossicones and are actually more like stubby little antlers than horns. Giraffes don't use them for anything anymore, but they aren't hurting anything either so they just are just there... being Ossicones. But the ancestors of Giraffes did have crazy horned antlers as this skeleton shows

Then somewhere down the line they decided leaves looked more delicious than grass so they went the long neck route and the antlers went the way of slap bracelets and pet rocks. So if you ever thought about Giraffes as long-necked horses... they are actually just long-necked deer.

And that is your fun fact about Giraffes

P.S. I got all these photos from the Giraffe Wikipedia page which you should definitely check out if for whatever reason you want to learn more about giraffes... but the last photo on the page talks about giraffes being exported all over the world in the olden times and they have a drawing of a Giraffe during the Ming Dynasty in China and it made me chuckle:

that guy is like "Dude, what is this?" He is probably even wondering why the thing has horns... but you and I both know they aren't horns... they are ossicones.
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It might not be that big of a surprise that the technical side of the radio business means you have to deal with a lot of cables, and anybody who has ever had to roll up an extension cord or something similar knows that it gets kinked up almost as soon as you start rolling it. However I learned a super secret technique of rolling cables that prevents those kinks. I learned it way back in High School when I was helping run a sound board for the local community theater by some old wise man with a big beard. It's called the "Over-under" technique and while I was trying to teach it to a coworker here at the studio I cam across a tutorial that teaches it way better than I or even Mr. Beard ever could.

With this information in hand go forth and roll cables as they were meant to be rolled!
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I had a go cart growing up, and I was pretty good at driving it. Definitely better than brother and sister and some of the kids around the neighborhood. However that cart was more for driving around fields in rural Texas, not going around the race track... and this kid puts any skill I thought I had growing up to shame. This kid puts most adults who think they have driving skills to shame.

If you're a fan of the show "Top Gear" than you know that kid could easily pass as The Stig's son. Although he is not, he is just the son of the guy who owns that go cart track... and he has obviously picked up a thing or two. I really really hope he becomes a professional racecar driver when he is older because I want to see somebody place first, then spin, reverse park, and walk away like a boss... like a real life Ricky Bobby. Here is to your future career little guy... you're awesome.
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After enjoying the fireworks on Friday I set off to see something I've wanted to check out since I was a little kid. The West Texas Sand Dunes. So I spent the weekend camping out at Monahans Sandhills State Park. It is about a half hour west of Odessa on I20 but it is like a whole other world. Within a mile of driving off the interstate you come across these giant several story tall sand dunes that look more at home in the Sahara than in West Texas. Not only is it one of the most picturesque places I've ever camped but it has nice amenities too. We had parking, a picnic bench, a cover for shade, a grill, plus water and electricity all just at our little campsite (and it only costs $14 to stay overnight!). You can hike for as long as want and even rent sleds to slide down the dunes. I've gone snow sledding up north many times but I don't think it even comes close to sledding down a giant sand dune. They have some great equestrian trails for horseback riding and a visitors center with a nice museum with the history of the dunes and a watching station where you can check out the local birds and wildlife getting water. Or can just sit, relax, crack a cold one, and watch the sand blow over the tops of dunes. It is just crazy to think that if the park service wasn't around to maintain everything everything that was built at the park center would be completely covered in sand in just a year or two.

I highly recommend Sandhills State Park for weekend excursions, and I'm glad I finally got to see the dunes with my own eyes after years first seeing them in an elementary school Texas History textbook.

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For anybody who just can't wait until Independence Day night to see some fireworks, or just anybody who wants to kill some time while stuck in the office... here is a do it yourself fireworks game. Just click and watch the shinies go boom. You can even set up what kind and color of the fireworks. For the super lazy just click "random show" and watch without all the clicking. And check out actual Fireworks for free at the annual Star Spangled Salute in downtown Midland on the 4th!

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