"Thoughts From A Sleep Deprived Mind"



I had a conversation recently with a friend of mine who is a new mother.  Her son is just 5 months old.  She works a VERY full-time job, is still nursing and gets about 3 minutes of sleep a day.  I really stand in awe of how well she juggles everything.  So I was a bit outraged when I found out that her 5 MONTH OLD had to take Valentine's Day cards for his childcare group!  Stupid me, I asked if she ran to the store to pick up some Sponge Bob cards or something.  Wrong.

The "Mommy Bar" is set much higher these days!  She got some card stock, went to Pinterest for ideas, and custom designed Valentine's cards for each child and teacher in the class!  She was up until 3am doing this.  I told her that the "Mommy Game" had become pretty dang competitive.  And she said, with a straight and very determined face, "Yes it is, and I am going to WIN!!"  I don't doubt it.

03/12/2013 8:01AM
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