"Thoughts From A Sleep Deprived Mind"



The question that we are asked most often (after "are you guys married?") is "How early do you guys get up?"  4:15 AM.  That is the middle of the night no matter how many years we have been doing this!!  And there is never a morning that we just bounce out of bed ready for work.  Nope.  It takes a while to really wake up that early.  I do NOT envy those of you who get up early and have to handle heavy machinery!

Mike is ready in about 5 minutes.  He lays out his clothes the night before.  He shaves the night before as well because he learned early in his morning radio career that putting a sharp blade to your throat at 4:15 in the morning is NEVER a good idea!  After he goes to work I have my 20 minutes in the bathroom to get ready.  I learned from Mike to set my clothes out the night before as well.  And I put on what I picked out even if I don't feel like wearing it anymore.  No changing minds at 4:15 am because nothing good can come of that!

I get to the station, get a cup of really strong coffee, head upstairs to the studio and start show prep.  I go through two country music news services, the newspapers, many internet sources (including one in Great Britain because they are some crazy people!)  I find our Knuckleheads, Breakfast Braniac trivia question, my news kicker stories, etc.  Mike is getting news and weather from CBS 7 plus getting the technical stuff done on his side of the room (most of which I have no idea how to do or even what it is).  We talk very little until we actually start the show. 

By this time it is 5:50 am and we are ready to go.  For the next 4 hours we just have fun.  No matter what else is going on here at work or at home...when we are in this studio and talking to you we are having fun!
THIS is the best part of our day.  The second best part is going to bed.

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12/06/2012 11:38AM
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