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Our little doggie Sadie, has become my mother's little doggie Sadie. Mom took her when she moved to Alamogordo, New Mexico because we were going to be tearing the house up and that would have driven Sadie crazy. But she has been with mom and mom's little dog Maggie since March.

Mike and I talked about getting another dog. We did NOT want a puppy. We wanted just one small dog that was already trained. Then Beth from Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals called. Beth said the perfect dog for us had just come in!
We went out to see her and fell instantly in love! BB (for Baby Bear) is a Pomeranian – Pekinese mix that is so adorable we didn't stand a chance. But another doggie came in at the same time, a schnauzer – terrier mix and we fell in love with him too. What to do? They were in quarantine for another 2 weeks anyway so we didn't have to make a decision right away.

Over the course of the next two weeks BB and Augie grew very attached to each other. If Augie couldn't see BB he would cry! So we ended up getting both dogs. Did I mention they are BOTH un-trained 2 month old puppies? Beth knows a couple of suckers when she sees them!
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There is a fine line it seems, between pricing based on "supply and demand" principles and "price gouging". I think that line has been crossed with the cost of renting an apartment in the Permian Basin.

I understand you will pay a premium for a premium apartment. Granite, crown moldings, covered parking do not come cheap. I get that. However, there are the 30 year old apartment complexes that have jumped on the high-rent bandwagon that should be ashamed to charge the rents they are charging!

Our kids are renting one of these apartments. Our son, daughter in law, their baby, a friend AND our daughter are all sharing a 3 bedroom apartment. They have to share the rent to be able to afford the place. They are being charged almost $1600 a month for an apartment with the kitchen cabinets coming off the walls, an air conditioner that barely works and leaks constantly into the bathroom, a bathtub that was spray painted to cover the wear and tear AND mold before they moved in! The front door is so warped and damaged it does not close properly and they cannot get internet or cable because the wiring in the building is old and sub-standard.

Lately, they have been coming to our house to shower because either the water is turned off all day or the drains don't work so they cannot use their showers. My kids don't work in the oil business. They do not make oil business money…not all of us who live here do, but they are certainly being gouged by the apartment complex for their place…as is everyone else who is forced to pay these rents to unscrupulous apartment management.
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