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Paul McCartney
The Beatles, aka what we've named the five caterpillars we have here at the Kicks studio and not the world famous band, are spending their last hours as actual caterpillars.  Sources close to the group say they could start the cocooning process at any time.

The five Beatles (Individually known as John, Paul, George, Ringo and Pete Best... who is smallest and nobody remembers) were given to Kicks by Hospice House Inc as part of their big Butterfly Release Celebration happening on April 20th.

Soon this rough and tumble (and spiky) close knit group (minus poor unpopular pete Pete) will become silky smooth cocoons. 

The one in the very back is Pete

Soon after they will become sugar eating Painted Lady Butterflies.  No word yet if The Beatles are actually ladies or in fact gentleman butterflies... nor am I entirely sure male and female butterflies are actually a thing. 

Check out the Home Hospice Website for more info on the Butterfly release.

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04/04/2013 12:28PM
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