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I did it!  It took me a solid week to get my closet totally cleared of excess and organized!  My goal was to have it all fit into the wardrobe my cousin in Scotland uses.  I found it needed to be done in three stages. 
The first stage was discussed in my blog on Tuesday.  Clearing out what didn’t fit, etc.  The second stage was a bit harder.  It involved clearing out the odds and ends that were never going to work with my lifestyle, my coloring, or my age.  This stage was a bit more brutal because it required me to be truly honest with myself (something I try to avoid at all costs).
Stage three was putting it all together.  I made sure that every piece of clothing worked in an outfit (I admit, I did a little shopping to fill in some holes.)  But I managed to whittle it all down from 4 long racks of clothes to the two you see pictured.
The best thing about simplifying something like your closet, is that it inspires you to simplify other areas of your home!  I cleaned out other closets in the house (guest rooms) and moved on to the garage on Sunday!  We can now pull the truck into the garage AND get around it and through the door!  I have many, many sore muscles but they are forgotten every time I walk into my closet or garage!

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10/28/2013 7:14AM
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