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I have a few hobbies.  I like sitting, I like eating, and I like frisbee golf.

If you don't know what frisbee golf is you can grasp the basics from the name alone... it's golf... with frisbees. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole with a club you throw a frisbee into a basket thats got chains to catch it, and it is awesome.

If my endorsement alone didn't convince you here's why frisbee golf or "frolf" if you want to be weird about it beats soap, electricity, and the chair as human kind's greatest invention:

1, It's super cheap.  You never have to pay to play, there isn't a single course in the country that will charge you.  You can use any old frisbee starting out or get the specially designed frisbee golf frisbees at any sporting goods store for about 10 bucks.
2. Great way to exercise! Don't feel like going outside to jog or drive to the gym?  How about walking around a sunny park playing a game of skill like frisbee golf? A great and super fun way for kids to get outside and off the couch.  Bring your dog! Bring your cat!
3. It does take skill! You can start out terrible but still have fun because you're just throwing a frisbee around.  But you get better and better and it only gets more fun. No matter age you won't have a bad time playing frisbee golf.  You get a stroke in real golf and you might actually end up having a stroke.
4.  There is a great 9 hole course right here in Midland at Cowden Park I checked out this weekend and it was great and apparently theres an 18 hole course at Comanche Trails in outside of Odessa that's even better.
It's cheap, convenient, healthy, fun... it's golf with frisbees... why are you even still reading this? Go play right now!

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03/13/2013 3:04PM
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03/19/2013 8:01PM
Midland mom
Thanks for the frisbee tip. It sounds like a great place to take my 3 kids and their 3 frisbees!
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