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We drove up to the cabin on Friday to check on the water situation (as in "is there any?") and found our neighbors at our cabin checking on that very thing.  We pulled up in the truck and started talking about the situation when Loretta (neighbor) looked behind me rather startled and said "You have company!" I turned around and there were 37 deer staring at us!

Now, Mike has been feeding these deer for 8 years.  We have 8 point bucks that come and eat at Chez Mikey!  He feeds some of them apples and they eat out of his hand.  They often come up to the porch and look in the door or windows looking for Mike.  And he feeds them everything he can find.  I have had to put "NOT DEER FOOD" on the cookie jar!

I grew up in Colorado.  My father was a hunter, and a very good one.  Until I was nine years old our winter meat was rabbit, venison and elk (and elk is some gooooood eating!)  So I have no illusions about deer as pets, believe me.  If my family is hungry, they will get some apple and corn fed deer!  But right now, Mike has a following.  I swear as the truck drives up the canyon the deer telegraph that "The Corn People are here!!"  Plus, I can literally watch him relax as he feeds them and that is a "good thing" as Martha Stewart would say!

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01/28/2013 8:18AM
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