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Time for an update on Festus the Bestus, my recently adopted dog.  Long story short: he is awesome.  But now I am getting into the hardest part of dog ownership... dog training.  It has been less than a week but there are have already been some big strides.  He can already play fetch and sit, two things you would think came naturally to dogs but not to Festus.  It took a lot of repetition and a lot of throwing toys while he stared blankly at them before he got the hang of it. 

The really hard thing has been house training.  Festus is a bit scared of going outside, and just scared of lots of things in general.  Which isn't really surprising seeing as how he had been abandoned in an oil field before the good people at Lonestar Sanctuary for Animals took him in.  It took several days of actually carrying him outside onto the grass and reassuring him I wasn't going anywhere before he would walk out the door on his own.  But even still he will only want to stay outside for a minute or two before he starts freaking out and want to go inside again.  He would much rather use the bathroom in the safety and security of inside the apartment. Great for him, terrible for me and my carpet.  I highly recommend "Nature's Miracle" pet stain remover and some absorbent training pads.  There has not been a single stain yet. 

House training a dog is a lot of work,  but Festus and I are up to the task.  Hopefully after awhile he will be more comfortable outside and everything will get a lot easier.  Does anybody else have any similar dog training stories?

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06/27/2013 11:49AM
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