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Okay, I am here to admit that I am not perfect. I know, I know…you are surprised. My children are probably surprised I am even admitting I am not perfect because I have been telling them their whole lives that I AM!

Anyway, we are in the middle of this whole-house renovation nightmare. My brother Troy, who has been here for the last 5 WEEKS helping with this huge, endless and exhausting process, had just finished carefully laying the mosaic tile floor in one of the three showers we are re-tiling. As I was going to be tiling the walls of this shower, I wanted to talk about how we wanted it to look and in my enthusiasm I stepped on his newly laid shower floor.

He quietly turned to me and said "I think you should leave now." Well, I just felt so stupid. And there is nothing like a brother who holds a grudge! The next day, when he finished tiling the bathroom floor I found blue painters tape stretched across the door that said, "Dana No Step". He's sooooo funny!
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My brother swears our house is haunted! He says someone knocks on his window around 1 every morning. He also says he sees things out of the corner of his eye all the time. And stuff is always moving by itself around him!

I am pretty sensitive to "paranormal activity" and I have NEVER felt anything in this house. It was built in the 70's and we are only the second owners. So, I don't think the house is haunted.

I DO think my brother is haunted though. While he was in the first Gulf War in the early 90's, people kept telling him there was an "old man" with him all the time. This old man was always standing near my brother. I think it was his guardian angel.

So I think my brother brings his very own "paranormal activity" with him wherever he goes. What a great houseguest!!
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Mike and I are experiencing a lot of "firsts" these days!

We are in the middle of our first major home renovation. And it is NO fun!

Sunday evening we went to our daughter's home to have a home cooked meal…that SHE cooked for us! That was lovely. And I used HER washer and dryer to do our laundry! The worm has definitely turned.

I am going to a baby shower for my first granddaughter next weekend. A GREAT first!

I have guests coming in on Thursday, and my house is a disaster! I have never welcomed guests into a house with concrete floors and plaster dust on every surface. Fortunately, it is my sister-in-law and it's her husband that has made this mess!

And last Friday night, Mike had to open cans with a knife (because we gave the can openers to the kids when they moved out). We have been eating on paper plates and plastic silverware for weeks now. Nothing to cook with…or on! He just wanted a bean dip!
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In France, they have just passed a law banning employees from checking their work emails from 6pm to 9am. Germany passed a similar law last year! Not surprisingly, most of the phone calls we received from listeners this morning were about the "over-reaching of government into our lives." In France and Germany they are used to that. Not in America.

I wish we could stop the constant checking of our emails, texts, Facebook posts, etc. That being said…do we really need a LAW to stop us from working? In Europe, they take a MONTH of vacation at a time!! Most Americans don't even take the two weeks of vacay that we earn!

However, not taking our vacation, checking our emails and working after hours…all of that is our CHOICE. Americans may not like working so much, but they like having the FREEDOM to work more (or not). We Americans ARE exceptional! Not everything that we do is perfect…but our freedom to TRY to do anything...is absolutely perfect.
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Mike and I are living in our bedroom right now. We have been forced to take refuge in our bedroom because of a whole-house renovation that has left most of the rest of our house in utter disarray. There is a reason Mike Holmes from HGTV calls it "divorce dust"!

My poor brother, Troy, is also here helping us do this massive project because the house needs to be on the market before the end of this month. He has to live in the only other un-touched room in the house. All the kids have moved into their own places, my mom has moved to New Mexico, and we are selling the house and downsizing (so the kids can't move back in with us!)

I always knew it was a big house…but it becomes massive when you need to paint it, lay new flooring, re-tile 4 bathrooms and update the kitchen! But it's the DUST!!! I am a very compulsive housekeeper…the DUST is driving me crazy! I think I need a spa weekend…

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Many times over the years, I have said something like "I wish Faith Hill would listen to her good friend Martina McBride and start choosing great country songs again!" Or, "I wish the Dixie Chicks had not ruined their career in country music, I miss their music."

After the ACM's Sunday night, all I could think was THANK GOD for Blake Shelton!! There just aren't that many female-friendly country songs these days. I think there are too many truck, bro and bar songs and not nearly enough romantic songs in country music! Blake Shelton continues to give us a wonderful dose of love song just when we need it!

His duet with Shakira Sunday night was stunningly beautiful! That song, "Medicine", is on Shakira's album, not Blake's. But his song, "My Eyes" was also beautiful…and sexy!
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