Lady Gaga has an idea for a Broadway musical…and Lin-Manuel Miranda wants to hear it

ABC/Rick Rowell(LOS ANGELES) — Lady Gaga has tackled music, TV and film. Is theater next?

In a conversation with Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda for Variety’s Actors on Actors series, Gaga revealed her Broadway aspirations. Turns out that not only would she love to star in a musical, she’d also love to write one.

“I’ve always been a theater lover,” she says. “I would absolutely do Broadway.”

When asked if she’d ever write a musical one day, Gaga doesn’t hesitate in saying yes.

“That’s something I would definitely love to do and you know why I know I could do it, is because for many years, record executives told me I was ‘too theater,’” she says, adding, “And I kinda have an idea…I do have an idea for musical.”

“We’ll talk off camera,” Miranda responds, his interest piqued.

Coincidentally,  Miranda’s Hamilton co-star Anthony Ramos appeared with Gaga in A Star Is Born — he played her character’s best friend.

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